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5 de junho de 2016

Couple things, I LOVE this whole thing. Its like IFTT on sterioids. ONE issue is, you can automate an order to auto print which is pretty bad @ss, but the problem is IT WONT print out the Order Print like how you do it manually. You get a really ugly layout, it works but it could be much better if they utilize all of the API possibilities. They need to make it so it can be more shopify implementation. I dont see why they couldnt use the option of printing via order printer. Or maybe even some html coding for the layout.

Another issue is for quanity is in , so lets say they order 5 reds and 6 blues, in item line is shows what they ordered, then next line shows quantity: 5,6

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31 de março de 2017

Zapier's been great at getting our Shopify sales over to Salesforce. The only problem I have is that it does not support multiple line items which makes us have to use Google Sheets to get all our products over from Shopify to Salesforce. I'm hoping that Zapier will eventually support multiple line items so we can cut out the Google Sheets part.

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