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6 november 2023

The worst plugin I have ever used. I was really hopeful about Zendesk but left bitterly disappointed. The set up process is horrendous and extremely confusing. ZERO customer service when trying to reach out for help, instead you just speak to a useless robot who is no help. Do not waste hours of your time with Zendesk. After spending hours I am a no further forward and very frustrated. They tried to charge my credit card over £8,000 for an annual fee, luckily for me it got flagged by my bank and wasn't taken.

En dag användning av appen
16 januari 2024


Our Baby Nursery
Mer än 3 år användning av appen
4 oktober 2023

Richtig schlechter Support!! Kündigen ist kaum möglich und man erhält keine Antwort vom Support. Finger weg

Mer än 3 år användning av appen
9 mars 2017

Very helpful app. Solid integration with shopify and provides all the information needed about the customer so that the
Agents can communicate efficiently.

Itil Premium
Mer än 9 år användning av appen
25 februari 2022

La integración de las dos plataformas es ideal. Nos permite ahorrar tiempo de gestión ya que podemos anticipar las preguntas de nuestros clientes y brindar soporte oportuno con la información predispuesta.
Mer än 7 år användning av appen
1 april 2015

I'm a one-person store, and so using an app to consolidate my customer service emails never really crossed my mind. Because it's just me, all of my customer emails were routed to my personal email inbox, but when I would have big campaigns my inbox would get flooded. Using Zendesk, even for just a few weeks, has made a huge difference in responding to customer emails, both behind-the-scenes and for what the customer sees.

One of the things I like about it is that there are apps you can add within Zendesk to show things like Shopify orders from that customers, and even Mailchimp activity. Setup was simple, it connected easily and I was able to add a "Help" button on my Shopify page. I was even able to forward other emails (such as the ones that customers would reply to from a newsletter) so that they all are re-routed to my Zendesk account.

I highly recommend this for everyone with an online store. It's really inexpensive (if you're a small shop, you can get away with the $1/month plan); I opted for the next level ($29/month) to get a few extra features.

Nicolesy Store
Mer än 7 år användning av appen
20 mars 2017

Works very well. Haven't had any issues between shopify and zendesk.

Would recommend this app.

Dapper Lighting
Mer än 7 år användning av appen
9 mars 2017

I love the integration. It's really helpful to have the Shopify information right there for you to access and the link to it is the bomb. I use it all the time. The only thing I wish you could see is the tracking/shipping information as well. Not a dealbreaker by any means though. Thanks guys!

Nästan 5 år användning av appen
21 juni 2017

Zendesk has helped us to stay in touch with our clients need, is a must have tool for those looking to have the best ecommerce support to their clients.

Dont hesitate to get their service for your ecommerce, there is no other tool like this with the support.

Baltic Wonder
Nästan 5 år användning av appen
18 juni 2018

Super app.. virker bare... nice

Mer än 4 år användning av appen