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24. heinäkuu 2023

J'ai été facturé pour un abonnement annulé pendant la période d'essaie de 7 jours. Je suis en attente d'une réponse pour un remboursement. En espérant que ma demande sera valider et que j'obtiendrai mon remboursement de 73,63€. Je ne peux donc pas donner d'avis favorable tant que je n'aurait pas d'explication pour la facturation de mon abonnement annulé.

Je tiens a ajouter qu'en me rendant sur la rubrique "Besoin d'aide" de Zendrop, le site me demande de me connecter et quand cela est fait il me dit que l'adresse email et le mot de passe ne correspondent pas (même en ayant changer le mot de passe via leurs solution "nouveaux mot de passe")

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Zendrop vastasi 25. heinäkuu 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us and our apologies for the inconvenience surrounding this. To assist you with this we have gone ahead and reached out to you via email.

Excited to get this to a resolution.

3. marraskuu 2023

la app no me esta permitiendo importar articulos a shopify

Mi tienda
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Zendrop vastasi 6. marraskuu 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us. On this we have reached out to you via email to assist you with this. Excited to get this to a resolution.

8. kesäkuu 2023

shipping is too long for most items and i have had 15 items come back with faults or something wrong with the products not made right.

RJ Department store
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Zendrop vastasi 8. kesäkuu 2023

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us regarding your experience with Zendrop. We appreciate your input and are committed to making improvements to deliver a better customer experience for you and all our valued customers.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the shipping times. Please note that our inventory is not stored in the warehouse and is sourced as soon as orders are placed. As a result, our current estimated shipping time for products from China to the US is about 15 days, which is among the fastest times in the drop-shipping industry.

Furthermore, our team member has already contacted you directly to assist you in any way possible and ensure you have the best possible experience with our services.

Once again, thank you for providing your feedback, and we assure you that we will continue to work hard to enhance our services and provide you with an outstanding experience.

19. toukokuu 2023

Hopefully you read the lower star reviews before reading the paid 5 start reviews. The product provided are few and far between with the majority being low quality. The US provided products are even worse. Its seems the company is only interested in working with individuals that already have a high volume drop shipping company. Take note, when signing up, the promotion for "this is the only time you will see this" promotion is predatory and a low moral advertising tactic. The per-set-up shopify store is a mess, disorganized, and takes a lot of work to straighten out. They will also insert really weird contradicting promotions on your store I.e.. "Free shipping" then on the checkout there will be a counter for your customers that reads "$160 more for free shipping" thats a bait and switch. All the learning curriculum is out dated. all the pod casts are over 2 yr old. Marketing has changed since then. Their return policy is no standard at 5 days once you press checkout say goodbye to that money. This is sad, Its a great concept, just the execution seems lack-luster. Accountability and a full refund would have been a great way to redeem yourself Zendrop.

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Zendrop vastasi 22. toukokuu 2023

Hi there! Thank you very much for the honest and transparent review. Zendrop's COO of Zendrop reached out to you over the weekend to touch on all of your points here and issued a full refund for the bad experience you've had overall. We're constantly working on improving the platform, and your feedback will help us do exactly that.

16. marraskuu 2023

no la recomiendo

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Zendrop vastasi 20. marraskuu 2023

Thanks for sharing your feedback with us. We have reached out to you via email to assist you with this.

19. heinäkuu 2023

Infelizmente não tive boas experiências com esse app, não está a ser compatível, não consegui trabalhar com ele, gostaria que os desenvolvedores a melhorar o app

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Zendrop vastasi 25. heinäkuu 2023

Thank you for sharing your feedback with us.

To assist you with this and discuss your feedback in detail we have reached out to you internally to understand your feedback and share it with our team to improve Zendrop.

Excited to assist you with this!


Obrigado por compartilhar seu feedback conosco.

Para ajudá-lo com isso e discutir seus comentários em detalhes, entramos em contato com você internamente para entender seus comentários e compartilhá-los com nossa equipe para melhorar o Zendrop.

Estamos ansiosos para ajudá-lo com isso!

Muokattu 23. helmikuu 2023

Subject: Disappointing Experience with Zendrop Fulfillment Agency

I am writing this review to express my deep dissatisfaction with the services provided by Zendrop Fulfillment Agency. I recently started my business and thought I could trust Zendrop to handle my fulfillment needs. However, my experience with them has been nothing but disappointing and frustrating.

I had received my first 10 orders, and I immediately forwarded them to Zendrop for fulfillment. However, to my surprise, I received an email from Zendrop stating that they were not able to fulfill my orders because they could not find the product and were unable to find a similar product. I was completely shocked as I knew that the product was readily available on Aliexpress.

As a result of Zendrop's failure to fulfill my orders, I had to go to my customers and explain to them why their orders could not be fulfilled. It was an extremely embarrassing and unpleasant experience. I had spent a lot of money on advertising and building up my business, only for it to be let down by Zendrop's lack of professionalism.

What's worse is that Zendrop's customer service was terrible. They did not provide any solutions or alternatives and left me and my customers stranded. The lack of communication and transparency was truly appalling.

In conclusion, my experience with Zendrop has been a complete disaster. They did not do what they said they would do, and their actions left my business looking bad and with a poor reputation for customer service. I would not recommend Zendrop to anyone looking for a reliable and trustworthy fulfillment agency.

Bubba Bites
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1. maaliskuu 2023

Cant seem to get in contact with support, trying to work out product pricing showing in a different currency. But without any support for three days now. App seems to have limited functionality and can not find options to make these changes myself.

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Zendrop vastasi 1. maaliskuu 2023

Hi there! I'm really to hear about the issue you're having with support. I'm not sure why that is at the moment since we've been all caught up this week, but I'm going to shoot you an email directly to dig into this. I hope to talk to you soon!

4. lokakuu 2023


Yhdistynyt kuningaskunta
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Zendrop vastasi 6. lokakuu 2023

Thank you for your feedback on this. We have reached out to you via email to assist you with this. Excited to get this to a resolution.

6. huhtikuu 2023

so far so good It isn't threatening, defamatory, or being left in exchange for an incentive. If published, we may include additional details about your store to help merchants read relevant reviews.

Steel's Goodies
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