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Bewerkt 5 december 2023

Update 12/4: I got reached out to from Austin with a resolution. I got the battery replaced and they gave me support to make sure from now on I would be good from now. Im leaving the part on the bottom to show that they do work hard to make sure their client base is taken cared of, i was so impressed i decided to open a second store that would be dedicated through ZD so i can see what the results would be doing so and it did make building out the second store much easier, along with some US based products for this niche that will give some quick shipping times. The customer support has been better since too it seems they really took the feedback which is rare to see from any company. Big turn around for sure thanks team for the support I appreciate it!

While I think the idea behind it is good and the intention is positive its really clear that the team is overwhelmed. I couldnt even receive a quote from their sales team to buy products in bulk which I was assured they could do - and important to note the only reason I was going down that path is shipping times can easily reach 3 weeks - by far the slowest of ANY service i've used. They have cool products overall and the idea is there but execution makes this an overall low quality option from what I've experienced. They also charge you for shipping up front and apparently they can choose from a large variety of options, but you dont know what they will select or even pay more to get faster shipping. Interestingly this may be a ploy for them to pocket extra money more than anything else, other services have transparent shipping rates and options. If i hear the quality goes back up I'll give it another shot in the future but for now there's a lot of red flags so I'll stay clear.

Office Cozy
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Zendrop heeft geantwoord 2 oktober 2023

Thank you for your feedback on this! Austin from our team has reached out to you via email to assist you with this. Excited to get this to a resolution.

19 november 2023

As I've been going over the products to list for my own store, I've come across a few listing issues. Each time it's brought up, the crew is very helpful and quick to resolve the issue. They're quick to offer support whenever it's needed. The AI chat box is also quite good. It's better than the ones used by the Canadian government. lol This one actually understands questions as they're asked.

Pioneer Kitty Market
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4 december 2023

I'm a beginner dropshipper and just started using zendrop. My experience has been great so far, the platform is very easy to navigate and it has a lot of useful features. I had some issues with my subscription plan, but I have to note that their Customer Service is top-notch. I had Jo as my customer service representative and she was amazing. She helped to solve my issues very efficiently and quickly. I would recommend this app to all fellow drop shippers.

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9 november 2023

Honestly, we thought Zendrop products were too expensive and delivery time was relatively long, BUT their customer service is really great and the suppliers are reliable, so it's really worth it. We had a bad experience with vendors on AliExpress, that wasted so much of our time and money. So, we really appreciate how reliable Zendrop suppliers are.

Happy Pearents
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11 november 2023

I had a problem with my account and contacted Zendrop for assistance. I was lucky to get Jemina as my customer service representative. She was very friendly, professional, and understanding. She listened to my issue and resolved it quickly and efficiently. She also followed up with me to make sure everything was working fine. I really appreciate her help and kindness. Jemina is a great asset to Zendrop, and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs support. Thank you, Jemina, for your excellent service!

Bigem's Otaku Boutique
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4 november 2023

I had some questions about the missing variants in my shopify listing from a product on Zendrop. I utilized the chat feature and Jo was able to help me find a solution. They were kind, professional and very helpful.

New Genesis Market
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23 oktober 2023

Zendrop has been a total game changer for my e-commerce business. The user-friendly platform, extensive product catalog, and seamless integration with popular e-commerce platforms have made my life so much easier.

What truly sets Zendrop apart is their global fulfillment network, ensuring swift order processing and faster shipping. My customers have noticed and appreciated the improved delivery times.

The customer support team is fantastic, always ready to assist with any questions or issues. Zendrop's pricing is competitive and offers excellent value.

If you're in the e-commerce game, Zendrop is a must-have partner. It's made a world of difference for my business. Five stars, no doubt!

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16 november 2023

The Zendrop Dropping extension on Shopify is helpful. I think it was recently made available. You can choose the products you want using any device. You need an actual computer to edit descriptions and import the products to your Shopify store. They have chat support available which is helpful I spoke with Joanna from support and she was pleasant. I am satisfied with Zendrop Shipping services so far I haven’t actually sold any products yet.

The Snobby Pet
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11 november 2023

To me, customer service means working through simple or complex problems with patience, understanding the limits placed on communication via a keyboard. Today JO, was amazing! She helped me overcome a confusing situation for me and trust me when I say, I was almost in tears. LOL! She helped me step back and in the end the solution was simple. But I'd never have gotten to that point without her! Excellent customer service.

Buster's Gear
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7 december 2023

I love using Zendrop for my online store. The customer service is amazing and do all they can do to help. They are over five stars with their service.

MysticMom's Store
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