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13 febbraio 2023

absolutely fantastic, support was super helpful and we were able to resolve a problem i had that was my silly mistake lol. tasha is fantastic, fast and efficient. i have used this app across many stores, it has to be the best. literally.

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Zipify Apps ha risposto 15 febbraio 2023

Hey HomeLush! Thanks so much for the awesome review. We agree -- our Support Team is fantastic. We will be sure to let Tasha know how much her help is appreciated!
- Team Zipify

10 febbraio 2023

I had an issue with my website and the customer service team was incredible. They ran me through some troubleshooting and within 12 hours they changed some coding that was interfering and solved my problem. Fantastic customer support team.

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Zipify Apps ha risposto 15 febbraio 2023

Hey SugarMeSmooth! We are so glad to hear you had such a positive experience with our Customer Support team. We agree -- they are fantastic! If you need anything else, please don't hesitate to reach out!
-Team Zipify

9 febbraio 2023

Très complémentaire pour booster les ventes. La prise en main est simple, le chat pertinent. Je recommande

Dingue De Bijoux
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 2 giorni
Zipify Apps ha risposto 15 febbraio 2023

Salut Dingue de Bijoux ! Nous sommes ravis que vous ayez choisi OCU et que vous ayez eu une excellente expérience de démarrage et d'augmentation des revenus ! Merci pour la critique et la recommandation géniales. Si vous avez besoin de quoi que ce soit, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter !

Hey Dingue de Bijoux! We are stoked you chose OCU and have had a great experience with getting started and increased revenue! Thank you for the awesome review and recommendation. If you need anything, please reach out!
- Team Zipify

3 febbraio 2023

OCU is bonkers worth it, not even a question, hurry up and get it. What's more is the customer service - Liberty, Ash, and Gaby, as a team, helped me more than words can describe. I am sure the rest of the team is fire too. Espresso's for all. Literally the best. Why are you still reading this... Get going.

Your Protocol
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 6 mesi
Zipify Apps ha risposto 8 febbraio 2023

Hey Your Protocol! Stoked to hear that you had a great experience with our support team. We'll be sure to let Liberty, Ash, and Gaby know you gave them a shoutout. We are a little biased but we think they're the best in the biz. We appreciate you taking the time to leave this AWESOME review. Espressos for you, too. If you need anything, please reach out.
- Team Zipify

27 gennaio 2023

This is a great app to increase your average order value! I support Ezra with everything he does and can't believe I haven't added this app sooner. Would definitely recommend!

Blue Culture Tees
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa 2 mesi
Zipify Apps ha risposto 1 febbraio 2023

Hey Blue Culture Tees. OCU increases AOV practically overnight, and we are stoked you're enjoying the app! Thank you for taking the time to leave us such an awesome review and for the recommendation. Love to hear you support Ezra in all that he does, too. If you need anything at all, please reach out. - Team Zipify

26 gennaio 2023

Awesome experience. The support team is very professional and active. They helped me with whatever I needed. And most importantly, I can use everything I want in clickfunnels! That's awesome!

Follicle Bloom
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 4 mesi
Zipify Apps ha risposto 26 gennaio 2023

Hey Follicle Bloom. Thank you for taking the time to leave us such an awesome review. We love our support team and are glad you do, too! If you need anything at all, please reach out. - Team Zipify

25 gennaio 2023

Hello there, I personally had quite a good experience with Zipify OCU. Whenever I had a problem their customer support team really chame in clutch to save the day. Also, I feel like there are a lot of many great ways to improve the app, there's a lot more that can be added to it. Such as, having a trigger of some sorts for the post-purchase upsell that can see what initial product a customer has added to the cart, because if the customer has added 2 products to the cart and you have a funnel for both of the products but you only want to show the post-purchase upsell for that inital product it doesn't mess with the priority of the funnels and sends out the post purchase offers for the product that has a higher priority in the funnel. Hope this makes sense, I had this issue myself and there's nothing you can do about it. I had to redo the entire funnel again because of this issue and I feel like this could really be improved.

Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa un mese
Zipify Apps ha risposto 26 gennaio 2023

Hi UtopiaCare,
Steve here, Customer Service Manager with Thanks for leaving us your honest review of OCU. I'm sorry we didn't meet all your expectations and we do appreciate the product development recommendation. We took a look at your funnels and believe there is a workaround for your use case. I'd like to share this with you and offer a video call if you need additional assistance as it is confusing.
In addition, I've shared your product request with our team for consideration in a future update to the app. I do sympathize with the challenges you came up against and have expressed that in the submission. Any development updates to trigger logic will be shared with you. Thanks again for sharing your concerns. We hope to improve your experience with OCU and help you earn getter AOV in the future.

18 gennaio 2023

Stay away from this app. Not only have they charged me after I uninstalled the App in the trail period and they have not refunded me the money. It has utterly ruined my checkout. \Which doesn't work after adding to cart and have had to pay developers to remove the code that stopped the ability for normal checkout out button use and redirect.

Not a good experience and has cost me hundreds if not thousands in sales.

The Paw Co
Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa un mese
Zipify Apps ha risposto 23 gennaio 2023

Hi The Paw Co. Steve here, Customer Service Manager with This review is very concerning. I'm extremely sorry you had such a negative experience and I'd like address each of your concerns and do what we can to make it right. Regretfully, I was unable to locate any outreach from your store to our support team with the concerns mentioned. If you did attempt to reach us please let me know what email address you used so I can review the support you received.

First, I'd like to address the charge for OCU. The $35.00 charge has been refunded as of 1/18/2023. This refund will show in 5-7 days on the purchase credit card. The charge was created ($35.00) 12/15/22 and the app was removed (billing canceled) 12/16/22. This will result in a charge but we are always happy to refund when a merchant wasn't satisfied or if the merchant intended to uninstall before the trial ended.

Next is the more concerning issue of your with the checkout button on your store. The feature you used of OneClickUpsell was the pre-purchase upsell function. This feature does have to interact with the store's theme and there can be conflicts with custom-built themes or regular themes that we haven't worked with before. While this is rare it can happen. Our support team is well equipped to handle any conflicts with our app and can remove the OCU code snippet as well as have our developers resolve any conflict issues. The OCU code snippet can also be removed from the app by turning the app status off. This will immediately fix issues that result from a conflict. Our support would have instructed the store to do this or done it for the store owner by requesting store access as an app developer. I apologize that we didn't get this information to you.

We are very much interested in improving and learning from your negative experience. If you'd like to share what we could have done better to provide you support I will take direct action based on your feedback.

I hope we can work together to improve your experience or at least learn from this experience. Wishing you massive success!

Kind Regards,

26 dicembre 2022

Great app! Easy to implement and set up. Lots of information on how to set up your funnels. Within one day of setting up, we received our first sale from the upsell and continue to. Do yourself a favor and get this app!

DK Avenue
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 2 mesi
Zipify Apps ha risposto 28 dicembre 2022

Hey DK Avenue! Awesome to hear that setup was easy and you saw sales within one day! Thank you so much for leaving us a review. If you need anything, please reach out.
- Team Zipify

23 dicembre 2022

The Zipify One Click Upsell (OCU) app is a decent choice for individuals seeking an upsell solution, but it, unfortunately, falls short with its very apparent glitching on upsells and downsells and difficulty integrating with ALL conversation pixel tracking solutions. For this reason, I would not be comfortable recommending the Zipify OCU app as a viable solution to anyone. Although there may be benefits, the lack of integration with conversion pixel tracking is simply too restrictive and a major disadvantage. Prospective customers should seek out other methods that better suit their needs.

Barton Watch Bands
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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: Circa un anno
Zipify Apps ha risposto 28 dicembre 2022

Hi Barton Watch Bands. Steve here, Customer Service Manager with I do sympathize with the tracking script issues you experienced. Our support was not clear enough that Post-Purchase tracking scripts are not something we're normally able to support and we had attempted to go above & beyond our normal level of tracking script support. Shopify in kind doesn't offer support for these Post-Purchase scripts and recommends the Shopify Community or hiring a Shopify Expert if in need of assistance. I sincerely apologize that we have not been able to get the scripts to work for you. I want to be clear that the concerns you have are with the Post-Purchase tracking. For natively integrated tracking, there are no known issues and everything should be working correctly. I'm happy to post to the Shopify community for you and see if we can find other merchants that have been able to resolve similar issues. Shopify has also expressed to me that they will be more inclined to look into issues if they see interest from merchants in the Community. While I don't have an immediate solution to the post-purchase tracking I would like to offer a call with you to discuss your concerns and see what OCU could do to help you move forward. If you have found a suitable solution for your business please let me know. Currently, my understanding is all post-purchase apps are unable to provide these tracking scripts. I would really like to be able to offer this to our customers in the future. I'd really like a chance to discuss this! Please check your email for a link to schedule a call with us. I'm happy to offer a trial period if you do decide to try our app again now or in the future. We have a lot to offer and we will use your feedback to improve our support.

Kind regards,
Steve & Team Zipify