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  • 評価の90%は5つ星です
  • 評価の5%は4つ星です
  • 評価の1%は3つ星です
  • 評価の1%は2つ星です
  • 評価の3%は1つ星です

I built page with this product and used the link for Meta ads. I never realised that after 14 days they will remove my page. It says that it is free to create one page and although you can indeed see that there is a 14 days trial it is very disappointing that you call something free instead of trial package. It is misleading and caused me to lose money while sending people to broken page. I checked a few competitors later and didn't see anyone else calling something free and then canceling it after 14 days.

Zipify Appsが返信しました 2024年4月10日

Hi JapesShop, I'm sorry your experience wasn't the best here. Thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback. I'm proud to say we took action on it.

We see you had a single "Book" landing page unpublished when the 14 day trial ended on March 7th. This is expected behavior for published pages when a trial ends and an upgraded subscription is not selected. While the page wasn't technically deleted, it was not useable in your case. As a result of your feedback, our Dev team altered this logic to keep the single page published even after the 14 day trial ends.

We are committed to providing a world class experience for our merchants and do our best to be receptive to feedback. We hope our quick action here proves that. If you are willing to give Zipify Pages another shot, we will be here to support you!

-Team Zipify


Pages not working at all at the moment. Was being helped by Justine for about 15 minutes and she suddenly stopped...
"My day is ending here shortly, you've caught us at the end of our live chat hours. I will leave notes here in the ticket and someone will get to you ASAP."
She said that ASAP would be about 10 minutes. It's been 7 hours so far and nothing. My ads are dead in the water with no landing page to send traffic.

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Zipify Appsが返信しました 2023年4月10日

Hey Defined Life, We just tried giving you a call and sent a follow-up email. We hope to connect with you directly about the support you received. While we do pride ourselves on providing exceptional support we definitely let you down in this case. Since we can’t turn back time, we will learn from your experience. Our support team will be retrained on handling the end of the day and providing more exceptional support. We’re also grateful you notified us of the glitch with Zipify Pages. While the error should have been resolved more promptly we did manage to get a fix in place in under 72 hours. We do value you and are grateful for the many years you’ve used Zipify Pages. We will do everything we can to learn from this and show you that we’re a 5 star app!
-Steve Passmore, Customer Support Manager


Poor support. They don't answer support calls.

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The app works, but to cancel they made me write to them, then they told me they 'enabled' the cancel setting on my app, which they didn't. They told me to log out, log in .. I'm 30 minutes into it and still haven't been able to cancel! Very anti-customer and a dark pattern.

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Zipify Appsが返信しました 2020年7月28日

Hey there! We reviewed your convo with our support team and agree that it shouldn't have been this hard for you to cancel. We've since updated our process to make it easier for people that decide they want to cancel. Thank you for bringing this to our attention so we could fix the process. While we're sorry to hear we weren't able to serve you and keep you as a customer, but we definitely hope we'll see you again in the future.


Ich kann Zipify leider nicht empfehlen.
Über Zipify werden Googlefonts geladen, somit ist der Shop abmahngefährdet. Ich habe diesbezüglich nach Hilfe gefragt, leider keine bekommen.
Deswegen würde ich Zipfy nicht empfehlen.

Zipify Appsが返信しました 2022年11月9日

Hi Elisada. We have attempted to reach you and have been unsuccessful. We want to extend our sincerest apologies for the issues with Fonts and compliance. Our team is working on a permanent solution and it is in development. In the meantime, we have a way for you to maintain compliance in Germany. Please consider adding a custom font for now. I do understand this is not ideal but you will be in compliance. This will bypass the Google API and the concerns around compliance.

The location of the font upload is found in Settings > Appearance > upload custom Fonts

We would be happy to jump on a call to discuss your concerns and we're happy to credit you for the inconvenience. We value your experience with your app and will work with you to improve your opinion of Zipify Pages.

Hallo Elisada. Wir möchten uns aufrichtig für die Probleme mit Schriftarten und Compliance entschuldigen. Unser Team arbeitet an einer dauerhaften Lösung und befindet sich in der Entwicklung. In der Zwischenzeit haben wir eine Möglichkeit für Sie, die Compliance in Deutschland aufrechtzuerhalten. Bitte erwägen Sie vorerst, eine benutzerdefinierte Schriftart hinzuzufügen. Ich verstehe, dass dies nicht ideal ist, aber Sie werden sich daran halten. Dadurch werden die Google-API und die Bedenken hinsichtlich der Einhaltung umgangen.

Den Speicherort für das Hochladen von Schriftarten finden Sie unter „Einstellungen“ > „Erscheinungsbild“ > „Benutzerdefinierte Schriftarten hochladen“.

Wir freuen uns auf einen Anruf, um Ihre Bedenken zu besprechen, und würdigen Sie gerne für die Unannehmlichkeiten. Wir schätzen Ihre Erfahrung mit Ihrer App und werden mit Ihnen zusammenarbeiten, um Ihre Meinung zu Zipify Pages zu verbessern.


Nous sommes tout simplement furieux ! Service client en dessous de tout en cette période pourtant capitale. Honteux.


This app is way OVERPRICED. Support is decent but takes a while to respond. The pages are not as customizable as Zipify seems to advertise. Also, you cannot view your billing history for this app. Don't waste your time. I ran tons of traffic to a few different landing pages that I created with the step by step tutorialts provided, and didn't get a single sale, whereas my store converts at 2.5%.

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The rating would be a 5 but seriously, their support is HORRIBLE!
They claim to give you live chat support but no one is there.

But they will get back to you in several hours, just fill out this chat bot information. I guess that qualifies as "Support" but not in my book.

Unfortunately, there aren't any other funnel programs out there.

Functionally the program works but dont let the "you get live chat support" fool you, your getting a chat bot...


I've been very frustrated with this app. Lots of work setting up integrations and getting it up running however it still does not work correctly.

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Not good if you are on Shopify Plus and have multiple domains. Also if you care about the quality of your imagery this probably won't work for you. We have been doing everything we can to work with them with no workable response. We would go as far to say they were dismissive. We are moving to another tool.