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13 giugno 2022

I have had this product for a few years.
I do not use the promotional banners often. It seems that every time I do need it, there is a new bug that prevents me from using it. Then, they fix the bug after my need no longer exists. Until the next time....

Rhinestone Jewelry Corporation
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Zotabox ha risposto 12 gennaio 2023


We are sorry for the inconvenience. You contacted us on Saturday and the bug was fixed by Sunday. Browsers, operating systems and websites have updates that may conflict with our tools (this is normal for all app services). We fix any conflicts in 1 business day. We wish you the best with your online business.

16 novembre 2017

App Crashed, Wasted an hour of my Time....

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Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
15 maggio 2017

I a pretty good at apps and this was very easy to use, but would not work all the time. I changed the settings so many times to see if that would work, but no change. I have removed it and using another app.

Face N Earth
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Data modifica: 2 maggio 2017

too expensive to capture emails...

Musclephenom Sports
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