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Abandon App

Abandon App

  • Recover lost sales with the most sophisticated technology.
  • Free plan available to all Shopify stores! #1 SHOPIFY APP OF ALL TIMES!
  • Fully automatic app. Reduce the amount of time you spend contacting customers.

Wish you were able to automatically contact and follow up with customers who put products in their cart, but didn't complete checkout?

Abandon App recoups lost revenue by reminding customers about their abandoned cart and offering a deal or promotion to encourage them to complete their orders.

Using Abandon App is easy - just set up the email you'd like your customers to receive and we take care of the rest. Everything is automated for you - no need to chase down email addresses or contact information.

How does it work? Abandon App looks through your shop's abandoned orders and notifies the customers for you.

Abandon App also helps prevent "ghost orders": orders that don't appear on your "Today" web admin because they were initiated on a previous day and are finalized in the future.

Simply generate a deal or promotion you would like to offer customers who abandon a cart at your store and enter it in the email template. Basic HTML and plain text are supported.

No long-term obligations. Free plan available to all Shopify stores.

Read this article if you need data on conversion rates.

See some templates we have custom designed for AbandonApp users: DJPWHOLESALE, FABMART, SEXTOYSEMPORIUM.

See App Faq for more details AbandonApp FAQ

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Reviews (118)

Love the fact that it shows a picture what item(s) were left in the cart!!
The emails look very professional. That alone should convert shoppers who are on the fence.

I have converted abandon carts at about 30% last time i checked! That should say it all for this app. It is easy to use and works all on its own.

Stunning! Great App!

Great app! Easy to use.
Customer support are cool, they answer all my questions. I recommend this app for all shopify users!

Gran app, muy fácil de utilizar y con un buen soporte técnico. Fácil de implementar, fácil de configurar y nos ayuda a seguir haciendo ventas de una manera muy simple!

Great app, have been using it for 2 years now and it continues to bring in great conversion on a daily basis. It is a must have for anyone who wants to capture lost sales and bring in more customers.

Easy to use, and the support is the best I have ever experienced. Great company I will be using them more!

We have been using AbandonApp now for about three months and it has lead to numerous recovered carts, which amount to thousands of dollars in our industry!

The customer support has been absolutely outstanding as well. Any question I have has always been answered in less than five minutes, and Alexandre has been so helpful. I would recommend this app to anybody who has a Shopify store!

We have been using AbandonApp religiously for the last few months. AbandonApp is a nice add-on to Shopify, that helps you convert abandoned shopping carts.

We love the fact that it is easy to use, and no risk to setup. If you want to try it out, just start with the free version and move up from there. Setup is a breeze as well.

We have gone from wondering what to do with our Abandoned Carts to feeling like we are have a plan.

Really good app!

Love how it automatically sends an email to customers after they abandon their cart - think that's a great feature but it would be nice if you could set a timer for when an email is sent out. Sometimes sending it out too soon could come across as a little desperate.

It's also a really good way of obtaining customer emails, so you could get in touch directly asking why they originally didn't make the purchase straight away, helping you improve the flow of your website.

Overall I would give this app 8/10!

The apps looks good and works really well....

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