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Order Lookup App

Order Lookup App

  • Reduce routine customer requests by 65 - 80%!
  • Customer Satisfaction - Order information on demand 24/7
  • Highly Customizable - Full control of styling

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Reduce customer support requests up to 80%

Stores that use Order Lookup App drastically reduce support requests and their customers love it! Our users report a 65 - 80% drop in support requests after installing Order Lookup App.

"Order Lookup has reduced my customer service calls by 80%. In total, they have saved me nearly $14,000 in payroll over the last year alone. Their service has completely changed my bottom line. I was able to use the payroll savings to hire another employee in the warehouse, allowing me to reduce my order fulfillment time by 30%. It's been a chain reaction of productivity" --MerchLimited.com


Featured on Shopify's blog post - "Sell More With These 9 New Shopify Apps".

Order Lookup App adds a simple form to your Shopify storefront. Using their email address and order number, customers get streamlined access to their order status and data(This includes any notes or tracking information that the shop owner may have added). Check out a live demo!

Order Lookup App eliminates up to 80% of support requests by giving customers real-time order information.

Highly Customizable, Order Lookup App allows you to adjust display styles, and output information in over 20 languages.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Created by the Makers of SEO Meta Manager - One of Shopify’s most popular apps!

Great app to reduce customer support calls. Direct impact on efficiency and CS optimization.

The perfect way to provide customers with the information they want, and reduce call and email volume to your CS team.

Also great support from the Lookup App team!

This app has definitely reduced customer emails significantly. Very useful app and works great

good stuff, very useful

5 star app. Our customers love it, and it helps reduce support calls. Customers want instant information and this app provides it.

Great app, easy to install. No more customers asking "where's my order?" Perfecto.

This is a must have for any shopify site. It does EXACTLY what it was intended to do.

This app has helped reduce our customer support tickets. Now that customers can just click and search for the status of their own order without having to ask us, we're seeing a reduction in support tickets that were just wanting to know where their order was. We made this a direct link on our main navigation. If this is prominently placed on your website, it will definitely save time!

One of the most common questions our customer service representatives get asked is "Where is my order? When will it arrive?" When we give the customer the power to view their shipment in real time, not only does our customer satisfaction increase, but our live chat representatives are freed up to handle other questions that may be more urgent. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority, and with the majority of our parcels headed overseas, we appreciate be able to give the power back to our customer.

The reassurance that their purchase is on the way, where it is currently located, and an estimated delivery date has made everyone very happy!

Takes the pressure off updating customers status, but to what extent we haven't been able to determine.

Would be happier if it could be customised in an easy manner, without the need to know HTML or CSS. Simple additions like photos of products purchased etc.

Could be some long term opportunities around integrating with an "edit order" app. Where customers can log in and add / edit their order, ask questions etc.

We find that its not so much of a status update that solves the problem, so may be something to look at.

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