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  • The only shipping app with built-in inventory management. All accounts include Fedex, UPS, USPS and a FREE Endicia account worth $15.95
  • Built-in inventory sync across Shopify, Amazon and eBay
  • Automated dropshipping using powerful product rules

Smartest Shipping App for Shopify - With built-in Inventory Management

Save up to 20% via our discounted USPS shipping rates

Ordoro gives you USPS commercial rates which can reduce your overall shipping costs by up to 20%.

Fedex, UPS, USPS Shipping Labels in Batch

Ordoro batch prints shipping labels and return labels for all your Fedex, UPS and USPS shipments. Also includes a FREE ENDICIA account (worth $15.95/month) with all Ordoro accounts.

Auto-Sync inventory across Shopify, Amazon and eBay

Track your inventory across Shopify, Amazon and eBay all in one screen. Issue purchase orders to your suppliers in one-click. Auto-sync your stock levels across all channels so that you will never run into overselling problems.

Dropshipping using powerful product rules

Attach dropshipping rules to every product. Ordoro will split and route orders to your suppliers automatically. Dropshipping is a breeze using Ordoro!

FREE unlimited phone support and set-up consultation

We don't nickel and dime you with extra fees for phone support. All customers get unlimited free phone support and free set-up consultation from our team in Austin, TX. We’ve consistently received high marks for our amazing customer support.

Immensely helpful in regards to matching up products sold from multiple suppliers. We were envisioning an extremely manual process until we found Ordoro. Absolutely worth the price--it's going to make fulfilling orders much simpler and easier.

Great App. If you do anything with drop shipping this is the app for you. Sends an email to our vendor with one click.

It will also track inventory in multiple locations if you need it. We drop ship, manage two locations and it keeps us on our toes with restocking.

Well worth the look...

What are you waiting for? GET THIS APP!

Ordoro delivers as promised, and is a great tool for managing shipments. We currently use it on the BigCommerce platform, and plan to integrate with other selling channels in the near future.

My shipping team loved making the switch to Ordoro to make their lives easier, and our customers love the instant updates to tracking information. The Ordoro team has great customer support, and are always quick to provide a personalized response to our requests.

Things are a breeze with Ordoro!

Great App, makes everything easier.I wouldn't be able to handle all my shipping without this app.

Forever Young Records has used Ordoro for a few years now and I love it! Shipping product is so much easier now that I that I do not go through two systems to ship our product. Ordoro does everything and if you have any questions related to shipping or with the program there team is on it, resolving any of my questions or concerns in a speedy manner with a great attitude. ;o) Thank you Ordoro Team.

The interface is simple and easy to use. Something for a person with zero experience can learn with ease! Not to mention the support so far has been great. Sometimes simple is better, but still get all the things you need to help run a business.

We love Ordoro! It makes our inventory management process much easier.
It does help avoid overselling from multiple sales channels (like amazon, ebay and of course shopify )and save us a lot time!
Also, this the company has truly great live support and we highly value this. Definitely recommend it to everybody!

I used to create packing slips and shipping labels manually. It took about 20 minutes per order. Now, using Orodoro, I'm ready to ship in in 5 minutes. I simply go to www.ordoro.com and my orders are there waiting for me. A few clicks later, I have the documentation I need to create a shipment.

Ordoro is easy to use and set up, and their customer support is excellent. They really seem to care about making it a smooth customer experience. Highly recommended.

Ordoro has been the app I have been dreaming about for the last two years; the amount of time I save each week using it has left me with so much free time I literally don't know what to do with myself most days. We ship on average 100 packages a week, and this is a perfect solution to bulk processing.

It takes a few days to really get the hang of how the dashboard works, and where all the components are located, but once you understand this puppy, you will save SEVERAL HOURS a week.

The customer service is amazing, any time I have asked a question, I have heard back within an hour or less. Everything about this app is intuitive, and I'll continue to recommend it to all my business-owner friends.

Ordoro has completely changed the way I do business. It keeps track of my inventory, pulls in all my orders from Shopify and Amazon, and lets me quickly print out shipping labels for all my orders across all sales channels at one time. Because of Ordoro, I can market my products across as many platforms as I want without worrying about checking each one each day and creating lots of shipping labels, one label at a time. I can do so much more without having to expand my overhead with new hires.

The Ordoro team is really on top of updates and feedback. They have always answered my questions quickly and completely. I frequently see new updates that I asked for.

I have come to rely on Ordoro to manage my business from tracking products to fulfilling and shipping orders.

Ordoro is well worth the investment.

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