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  • FREE for 50 orders/month with commercial base rates (up to 15% discounted)
  • Paid plans get access to the best USPS shipping rates in the industry - commercial plus and cubic rate (up to 70% discounted)
  • Award winning user interface and stellar customer support

Most Cost-Effective Shipping App for Shopify

Save up to 70% via our discounted USPS shipping rates

Don't take our word for it. See for yourself with our shipping rate calculator. Reduce your overall shipping costs by up to 70%!

Batch print Fedex, UPS, USPS Shipping Labels

Ordoro batch prints shipping labels and return labels for all your Fedex, UPS and USPS shipments. Simplify your workflow even more using shipping rules.

Connect to multiple store fronts

Consolidate orders from multiple Shopify stores as well as orders from Amazon, eBay and Etsy.

FREE unlimited phone support and set-up consultation

We don’t nickel and dime you with extra fees for phone support. All paying customers get unlimited free phone support and comprehensive training and set-up consultation from our team in Austin, TX. We’ve consistently received high marks for our amazing customer support.

Customers on the free plan get email support.

Seamless upgrade process to Ordoro Pro

When your business scales, no need to worry about integrating with yet another app. Easy upgrade with a single-click to access our advanced inventory management, dropshipping and purchasing features.

Ordoro reviews (41)


Great system! Loved how easy it was to get started when I first signed up. Great work here Ordoro!


Ordoro is breath of fresh air that really stands out from the available shipping/order management apps. If you like the clean, well thought out Shopify interface you'll love how Ordoro pushes the bar still further. It's very clutter-free and intuitive. There is no such thing as once size fits all when it comes to business software, one app can not be all things to all people, but after working with Ordoro I feel like they've made excellent decisions about what features to include and they've done a beautiful job executing, both functionally and aesthetically. Features lists and screen shots are great, and they do an excellent job of giving you a peek inside their app on their site but to make a decision you have to import your orders and really see what it's like to use the software. You can tell that the Ordoro team is passionate about what they do, it really shows in their app. Speaking of the team I've been very impressed with their support on the few occasions I have needed contacted them. I wish all software was as easy to use.
It's a breeze to import orders from all your marketplaces (the shopify integration couldn't be more fluid) you can be up and running the same day. I was also really pleased to see they are integrated with GroovePacker, which is fantastic if you have a number of SKU's and would like to eliminate shipping errors. Another thing I really like about Ordoro is the integrated help. It's nice not to have to leave and go hunting through out-of-date support pages to get answers. I really feel like Ordoro has my back!


Updated: 11-17-2014

I had original given this app 2 stars for struggles I had setting it up for the first time. I started by saying the app shows promise, but that could only give 2 stars due to the difficulty I had in setting it up. I tried to call (outside of business hours), but did not attempt to email because of past experiences with other online companies / apps I did not expect to get an email back until after the weekend was over.

Within an hour of submitting my original review, the co-founder emailed me in a professional manner, and offered solutions to the challenges I was having, apologized for my troubles understanding how to set up the product, and even politely clarified that they do offer support on evenings and weekends via email. It's only the phone support that has regular hours. So if you need help and cant reach them on the phone, send an email, they actually respond quickly, which can be validated in other reviews by other clients.

I now have the app set up and working correctly, and as an experienced shipper who has used a lot of different tools over the years, I can say this is one of the easiest apps to use once set up. It's clean layout doesn't give you too many choices, and they use large call outs and buttons to make it clear what your next step in the workflow is. The realtime price comparisons for different services is quick and accurate (I spot checked against USPS tables for the commercial rates promised).

I'm very comfortable giving this a 4 star rating today, and after I've used the product for a month or so I'll update this review again if I am impressed enough to give that 5th star.

Please note that I only use this for USPS (with their free Endicia supplied account) so can't speak to the other carriers integrations.

Overall I would recommend this to other shop owners wanting to save time (no more copy and paste!). If you don't screw the setup like I did, you can be up and using this in about 15 minutes.


Ordoro makes the back end operations of our multiple e-commerce stores and absolute breeze! It literally is as easy as selecting all the orders and clicking a button...orders that we need to ship are ready for labels and dropship orders are sent off to our supplier for processing. Thinking about all the manually processes we used to go though to fill orders truly makes my head hurt :-) Do yourself a favor and give them a try! If you have any problems they have an amazing, super responsive customer service team that will get you taken care of in no time!


Ordoro continues to add immensely valuable features to an already awesome sales/warehousing/shipping platform. Using Ordoro continues to save us time and money. Also, top notch customer support.


Great App. If you do anything with drop shipping this is the app for you. Sends an email to our vendor with one click.

I use several apps and this one provides the most comprehensive support, though I rarely use them, as this is the most trouble free app we currently operate under and we use many.

It will also track inventory in multiple locations if you need it. We drop ship, manage two locations and it keeps us on our toes with restocking.

Well worth the look...


Love this service. Saves me time when orders pick up. Honestly pays for itself if your company is seeing multiple sales per day. Ordoro is key to running a successful and seamless shopify store. Lady on customer service was SUPERB.


Ordoro has been an invaluable addition to our store! It has streamlined both our order-filling and shipping processes, and the customer service at Ordoro can't be beat. We've increased our order turn-around time, and decreased our shipping costs, all with friendly, quick, and knowledgable service at the click of a button. Pick lists, packing lists, and label printing are incredibly easy, and the ease with which we can choose USPS, UPS, or Fed Ex is awesome. Not only that, but we get to share Ordoro's super-low USPS rates and use our own Fed Ex and UPS accounts. Finally, Ordoro has made our exchange/return process so much easier with its tagging, return label printing, and order notes. I highly recommend Ordoro!


I love Ordoro! It makes our shipping much more efficient and easier. The people who work in Ordoro are very kind and patient. When I have questions, the support team always explain patiently through the phone and screen meeting. Great app, great people, great service!


Great app! Really keeps things in sync

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