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Shopify Widgets

Shopify Widgets

  • Embed your products anywhere
  • Link to the product page, cart, or straight to checkout
  • Customizable colors and themes

This official Shopify app allows you to build embeddable widgets for just about any blog or website. Create, embed, and share the code to your hearts content; it's entirely free to all Shopify merchants.

Shopify Widgets supports an iframe widget, and a simple 'buy now' button for ultimate control.

NEW: Widgets can now link to either the product page, a pre-filled cart page, or straight to the checkout. Choose the one that suits your shop best.

The iframe version features a pair of different design styles, with a large product image, price, and buy now button all cleanly laid out. No two widgets need ever look the same as all of the colours are customizable.

Pick a widget style, pick a product, customize, then copy and paste. Easy as pie.

Remember, the code generated by this app can always be shared with friends and publications too! Maximize your outreach with Shopify Widgets.

Reviews (36)

Very useful , using this to add a mini store to my non-commerce site.
5/5 woo!

This app is pretty easy to you if you want to feature your product outside of Shopify. Give it a try.

Great app. Highly recommended.

Easy to use - happy with this product so far!

Great app!

Very easy to use. I can insert the product into my blog posts to attract customers

Good app!

It's awesome - but 1. we've had difficulty using it in external websites. 2. when the item sells the buy it now button remains behind and action of click through shows a cart error. Not fun, this is an important fix for them to formulate a better redirect since, if embedded in external sites, is completely out of your control.

nice app!

It's great and all that you can embed a widget of your product, but let's face it - we're not in 2003, this is not "ground-breaking" stuff, and to be honest, the options are pretty limited. I've noticed it uses the Twitter widgets API, surely there's a way to have an individual product embed, launch a modal window cart or product? Having to always go to the Shopify store is actually a deterrent for a lot of customers when they're mid-experience but currently they have no choice.

In my case, I have a Wordpress site. However I do not want to use the Wordpress eCommerce / Woocommerce platform. I DO want to use the Shopify platform. I am happy to embed each product throughout my WP site, but I don't want to have users go to the Shopify store in every single case. Having the "entire store" embed in WP is not ideal, in fact you've limited it to 60 products in what seems like a sneaky way to get money from me. It's supposedly "my store" but I have to pay for embedding "my products"...? So if I embed each product, I'm limited by where they link to and how that link appears.

This plugin has a heap of 'hype' about it in terms of the video, but not much backing it up in my opinion, and the customisation is super limited.

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