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6. listopad 2023

17 Track is definitely a huge help for our website, customers can easily check the status of their order with their own order number or tracking number by using it, which greatly ensures the service during the shipping process.

Mrs Awesome
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16. říjen 2023

17TRACK has been a tremendous asset to my website, significantly reducing customer emails. I am particularly impressed with its exceptional editing and brand customization features. This app streamlines order tracking, and the optional Green Shipping upgrade substantially boosts conversion rates. The email setup is a standout feature, allowing me to direct shipping emails to my 17TRACK tracking page instead of the carriers. Overall, 17TRACK is a highly satisfying and budget-friendly application that has transformed my store. It offers a comprehensive global order tracking solution, making order management easier and providing valuable analytics to monitor order statuses. I wholeheartedly recommend this app!

Risenty Store
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21. říjen 2023

17TRACK is a must have. Everyone in ecommerce knows how frustating paypal can be with money holds, but this app makes it really easy to get your money back by sending accurate tracking details to paypal.

I love how this app allows your customers to track their orders too. It saved me a lot of stress from answering emails

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19. září 2023

Highlighting Key Features:
This app has everything I needed and more. The robust features, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface make it a must-have for any Shopify store owner.

Favor Graphics
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15. listopad 2023

Such an amazing app really happy with how it performs with my store. Saves me so much time and it's super amazing that my customers can track their own orders!. The staff is also amazing and really helpful overall highly recommend this app!

The Snug Pod
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26. září 2023

I've been using 17track for a while now, and I can't say enough good things about it. This app has truly made my work so much easier and more enjoyable. Here are a few reasons why I love it:
The app's interface is incredibly intuitive and user-friendly. I didn't need to spend hours figuring out how to use it; everything is laid out logically, making it easy to navigate.
I've never encountered any glitches or crashes while using this app. It runs smoothly and efficiently, which is a big plus for me.

The developers seem dedicated to improving the app continually. I appreciate the frequent updates that add new features and fix any issues. It shows that they genuinely care about their users' experiences.

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20. říjen 2023

The app's customization options are also worth mentioning. I can tailor the tracking page to match my brand, which adds a professional touch to the post-purchase experience. It's all about those little details that make a big difference.

Lastly, the customer support is top-notch. I had a question about a specific carrier integration, and their support team responded promptly and helped me resolve the issue. It's clear they care about their users' success.

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3. říjen 2023

The first thing that caught my attention was the app's clean and intuitive user interface. Navigating through various features and options is a breeze. The well-designed layout makes it easy for users of all tech-savviness levels to use this app with confidence.
Accuracy is paramount when it comes to package tracking, and 17Track delivers in spades. I have used several tracking apps in the past, but none have been as consistently precise as this one. Whether I'm tracking a package from a local courier or an international shipment, 17Track provides real-time updates and accurate information.
What truly sets 17Track apart from other tracking apps is its extensive coverage. It supports an impressive number of couriers from all around the world. No matter where my package is coming from or going to, I can count on 17Track to have it covered. This comprehensive courier database is a game-changer for frequent online shoppers.
The notification system in this app is fantastic. It keeps me informed about the status of my packages without overwhelming me with unnecessary alerts. I appreciate the ability to customize notifications based on my preferences, ensuring that I'm always in the know.
17Track goes above and beyond package tracking. It offers additional features like the barcode scanner, which makes adding new shipments a breeze. The ability to synchronize with my email and automatically detect and add tracking numbers is a time-saving feature I can't live without.

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15. říjen 2023

I'm glad to hear that 17track has made a significant difference for my store. Its straightforward setup and reliable tracking capabilities have streamlined my operations and enhanced customer satisfaction. With a user-friendly interface and real-time updates, it has become a valuable asset in providing a seamless shopping experience for my customers. By offering transparency and reducing the workload on my customer support team, 17track has allowed me to focus on other aspects of my business. Here's to continued success with my store's one-stop order tracking solution!

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31. říjen 2023

A highly practical and user-friendly software that helps me better manage my store. It allows personalized customization of every detail, enhancing the shopping experience for my customers. I highly recommend it!

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