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7 Aralık 2023


This app cost me more than it helped or saved.

*****DOES NOT SYNC INVENTORY. (also does not warn you about this)

In my case this lead to overselling hundreds of items.

when I asked the staff to explain how inventory works, it took well over 5 minutes to get a real answer:

Me: so i am meant to manually recalculate my inventory after a test?
Jeffrey: No you don’t have to
Me: then why is my inventory oversold
Jeffrey: Just go analytics and see how many test variants are sold
Jeffrey: And minus the number
Jeffrey: That’s it

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Kairos Labs yanıt 13 Aralık 2023

Hello Jeffrey here.

Firstly, I apologize for any inconvenience you've experienced.

Please understand that when you reached out to us, it was 4:30 am in our time zone. Despite the hour, we were committed to addressing your concerns.

I noticed there was a significant amount of emotion during our conversation. We attempted to clarify the situation, but it seemed there might have been some miscommunication.

Regarding the app, it creates duplicate variants for price testing, which can occasionally lead to inventory discrepancies. We're actively working on developing an inventory syncing feature to resolve this.

However, in this instance, the primary issue arose because the test ran for an extended period of three months without monitoring the inventory levels. We're here to assist in resolving this and ensuring it doesn't happen again.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

We just launched our inventory syncing feature:

Best regards,