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13. prosinec 2022

Makes running promotions so seamless! We use Abra for all our email campaigns and have no complaints. Highly recommend!

Yellow Beauty
14. listopad 2022

The tech team went above and beyond helping me understand how this amazing APP works and resolving an issue due to the size of my Crystal Shops catalog size. Patience. Support. Comitmment. Communicative. Very Responsive. I am grateful and happy to be able to utilize this APP to create a better customer expereince.

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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 14. listopad 2022

Thanks for the kind words. Wishing you all the best for black friday and hope we can continue to help in the future.

3. listopad 2022

Smart app - does something which should be native Shopify functionality, i.e. shows a customer that they are getting discount on landing on a page. Team is also super helpful and friendly to work with.

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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 6. listopad 2022

Thanks for the support folks! It's been a pleasure working together and we are looking forward to keeping the improvements coming.

28. říjen 2022

The team at Abra are amazing collaborators ready to ideate and test for your business. They have quick turnaround times and are always at the ready with new proposals and/or solves. Previously, we've had to rely on other tools for a lot of our tests, which quickly became cumbersome. With Magic Links, the work was done for us, with little to no lift at all. A must-have for your store!

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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 6. listopad 2022

It's been a pleasure working together and thank you for vote of confidence from the beginning. Look forward to bringing more optimizations for you in the new year.

18. říjen 2022

Literal magic! This app does the thing I have wanted to do for so long. Connects your discount campaigns from ad/email/social all the way through the online store right to the checkout. Fewer lost discounts = fewer lost sales!

Pika Layers
Vývojář Abra odpověděl 6. listopad 2022

Thank you for the feedback and all the support! Glad we can help.

4. říjen 2022

Amazing app! We run a lot of paid ads and we've noticed an increase in conversions using the Abra link saving us some ad spend! The team even personally onboarded us and help us set our first campaign. Will be using this app for all my discounts now.

N/A Stock Company
Vývojář Abra odpověděl 4. říjen 2022

Thanks folks, very happy to see the lift in conversion rate for ads and can't wait for you to try some of the new tricks we have up our sleeves as well!

29. září 2022

Amazing app! It's helped us improve our customers' experiences, as well as our conversion rates. We tried it out with the launch of an email campaign, and the results were immediate. Besides, the team is highly responsive and helpful, guiding us to get the app up and running from the very beginning. I recommend it!

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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 29. září 2022

Thank you for you feedback.

Glad to see we could help level up conversion rates and looking forward to upgrading that subscription upsell flow soon as well!

28. září 2022

Great app... does exactly what it says it will do, and the team helped set up everything. Daniel was awesome, and has even followed up to see how else they can be helpful. Definitely recommend this app for anyone wanting to make it easier for customers to apply discounts. Our support tickets for "forgot to apply coupon" have definitely gone down thanks to this. Would love to eventually have the option of applying multiple discounts so that different discounts can be applied to different products. That would make this a game-changer.

Mosi Tea
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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 29. září 2022

It's been a pleasure working together cutting down those "lost" codes.

Like the sound of what you are thinking on multiple discount codes, will definitely want to dig into that together.

Thank you!

6. září 2022

We just discovered this app to help improve conversions. The dev team is great and super responsive, helped us get this up and running before the Labor Day Weekend. Magic links has definitely improved our conversions this Labor Day weekend when we ran an email campaign to test what sort of improvement we can expect. Can safely say that the customer experience is much better when they land on the collection and see the products discounted. This helps nudge customers to make a purchase at a cheaper price and much earlier in the process (they make a decision before they reach checkout). Look forward to see new features roll out and testing this out next with ads and into BFCM!

Čas strávený používáním aplikace: 11 dny
Vývojář Abra odpověděl 29. září 2022

Glad we were able to help you level up the Labor Day campaign.

Looking forward to continuing to make the buyer experience better together!