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22. listopad 2023

If you use discount codes, you need to get Abra. Hands down the best app we've added to our Shopify Plus store in 2023. Using Abra links has given us a 30% lift in conversion from our emails, which drives a significant portion of our revenue. Dan and the Abra team have been super helpful as well. Anytime we have a question or need help with something, they were on it right away.

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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 23. listopad 2023

We're happy to hear you are getting amazing results with the app! Always a pleasure to work with you as well, and we look forward to continue helping you grow.

23. leden 2024

Awesome customer service! Gave our team support for a last minute promotion DURING Q4. Could not have asked for better communication.

Sightglass Coffee
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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 25. leden 2024

Thank you! We're glad our team was able to help and get everything set up and running for the busiest time of the year.

21. listopad 2023

There's a customer support experience, and ther's an ABRA customer support experience. The team went above and beyond to make our last-minute promo go live, and the results were amazing. Thank you guys! You crushed it.

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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 23. listopad 2023

Thank you for the kind words! We're happy to have helped you set everything up right in time for your promotion, and glad to hear you are seeing amazing results.

9. únor 2024

Abra stands out for its exceptional ability to optimize the discount flow for customers, which greatly impacted sales and satisfaction. The setup process was straightforward, with great support, which allowed us to integrate and start seeing results quickly.

The app's intuitive discount experience attracts more customers and gives a smoother checkout experience by automagically applying the right discounts throughout the shopping journey. This has led to a noticeable increase in sales conversion rates.

For us, Abra is an essential component of any promotional plan and an indispensable asset for Shopify store owners looking to optimize their promotional efforts professionally and efficiently. We won’t run another offer without it.

Vývojář Abra odpověděl 11. únor 2024

Thank you for a great review! It's amazing to see that Abra’s been a game changer for your sales and how your customers feel. It’s also really great to know you see us as a must-have for your promotions. Your success is what we're here for, and we look forward to continuing to support your brand's growth. Thanks again for trusting Abra!

9. únor 2024

Great discount flexibility. Allowed us to overhaul our whole discount structure and give us flexibility to offer different discount amount for different variants and one-time purchase vs. subscription. Had tons of issues before with trying different offers, but Abra solved the problem.

Vývojář Abra odpověděl 10. únor 2024

Thank you! We're happy to see that Abra made a big difference with your offerings and promotion management.

3. srpen 2023

We've been working with Abra since the early days of the app. It delivers an excellent discount UX that we leverage across every digital channel to great results. Additionally, We really appreciate their commitment to consistent improvements and support of the app. Seems like a bright future ahead for this app. Happy to have found it.

High Camp Flasks
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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 6. srpen 2023

We are happy to hear that Abra has been delivering great results for your store! Thank you for the support and feedback on new features.

27. červen 2023

Great app! This is what Shopify's native discounts should look like.

The team is really passionate and extremely competent. They've helped us achieve what we needed by guiding us through and taking care of some of the customisations.

The new version is even more customisable.
You have the ability to use some of the user friendly features out of the box without the need for a developer,
or leverage their APIs to achieve extremely customised user experiences.

Hands down the best app to handle any promos.

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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 27. červen 2023

Thank you for the kind words!

It’s been a pleasure helping migrate you over to the new app. We are happy to hear that Abra made a positive impact on your promotions. We look forward to working with you as we build new features in the near future.

20. červen 2023

This app achieves the goal we needed (dynamic pricing on pre-checkout pages) and their customer services is stellar!

FOOP Organic Biosciences, Inc
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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 20. červen 2023

Thank you guys, it's been a pleasure helping you get set up!

19. červen 2023

Abra has played a vital role in boosting our conversion rates. It seamlessly integrates discount campaigns across various channels, including ads, emails, and social media, all the way to the checkout process on our store. We love that we now have the ability to run multiple promotions simultaneously, allowing us to cater to our Stori App users with exclusive sales while running a general promotion for all customers. This flexibility has been invaluable to our business.

Stori™ - Child-resistant storage - Global
Vývojář Abra odpověděl 19. červen 2023

Thank you for sharing your review! We are happy to hear that Abra has had a positive impact on your conversion rates. We are always working on shipping new features to further empower merchants with their promotions. If you ever have any feedback or need help with Abra, please feel free to reach out to us at help@abrapromotions.com

28. říjen 2022

The team at Abra are amazing collaborators ready to ideate and test for your business. They have quick turnaround times and are always at the ready with new proposals and/or solves. Previously, we've had to rely on other tools for a lot of our tests, which quickly became cumbersome. With Magic Links, the work was done for us, with little to no lift at all. A must-have for your store!

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Vývojář Abra odpověděl 6. listopad 2022

It's been a pleasure working together and thank you for vote of confidence from the beginning. Look forward to bringing more optimizations for you in the new year.