Advanced Store Localization

Advanced Store Localization

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Geolocation-restrict products, pages, currency, redirects, +++

Increase Sales

Improve user experience and increase conversions by tailoring your shop layout and content for a visitor's region.


Display country-specific products, collections, locations, content, and currency without requiring multiple stores and redirects.

Full Support

An advanced app also has advanced configuration. We provide full support for the app. Just click the "Help" button and we reply quickly.

Advanced Store Localizationの詳細情報

The Advanced Store Localization app is a flexible geo-targeting / geofencing solution for Shopify stores, allowing store owners to set country-specific products, pages, and currency, displaying content based on the visitor IP address.

Locations supported! International location based fulfillment for multi-warehouse shops

Works with all countries! Can target states/provinces in US, Canada, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Supports geolocating in Wales, Scotland, North Ireland and England

Instead of tediously configuring actions per-country, the Advanced Store Localization app allows you to organize countries into Zones that can be used to assign the products and/or pages that are visible based on the visitors location. Or, block countries by redirecting them away or to pages that apply to the region.

In addition to location-based content, store owners can set unique phone numbers and email addresses on store pages automatically based on the visitor's location.

Each rule is set for all zones at once, providing a simple data entry interface. This rule set up allows multi-directional redirection with just 1 row of settings, using our easy, snappy interface.

Geo-Targeting Features

For each zone, the store owner can:

  • Select which products are displayed
  • Auto-redirect between regional products & collections
  • Filter per-product or by collections, types, vendors, tags and locations!
  • Select which pages are displayed
  • Block visitors based on their location
  • Country redirect
  • Multi-Store redirection
  • Display localized phone numbers and email addresses
  • Reorganize content on the page to mask localization effects
  • Display/Hide page sections per region
  • Execute custom JS
  • Unlimited Products!

Create unlimited geolocation rules based on customer location

Geo-Targeting Currency

For each zone, the store owner can:

  • Select a currency for the visitor
  • Hide the currency selector to prevent the visitor changing currency assigned
  • Allow for smart detection of visitor-preferred currency (if user chooses a currency manually, it allows them to keep it)

Privacy Friendly!

  • No private information stored on our servers about your store
  • Only public information is stored to reduce API requests (i.e. collections, currencies, products)
  • Settings (Admin) page uses/requires a session cookie for security
  • Frontend script is 100% session/cookie free
  • We do not retain any information or send emails after app deletion


Easily contact support through the dashboard if you have any questions or setup issues.

Watch our promo video above to see some of the features. And many more to come!

FREE for Shopify Partners, Employees, and Test Stores!






料金 7日間の無料体験


Small Store Plan


  • 30,000 monthly sessions
  • Create country zones for:
  • Currency selection
  • Product filters
  • URL redirection
  • Contact info
  • Block Display
  • Custom JS

Medium Store Plan


  • 250,000 monthly sessions
  • Create country zones for:
  • Currency selection
  • Product filters
  • URL redirection
  • Contact info
  • Block Display
  • Custom JS

Large Store Plan


  • 1,000,000 monthly sessions
  • Create country zones for:
  • Currency selection
  • Product filters
  • URL redirection
  • Contact info
  • Block Display
  • Custom JS

Enterprise Plan


  • 3,000,000 monthly sessions
  • Create country zones for:
  • Currency selection
  • Product filters
  • URL redirection
  • Contact info
  • Block Display
  • Custom JS

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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Goodiebox Shop

If you have one store with multiple currencies, multiple languages, or different markets to show different layouts with the best service of developers then this app is for you. I found this app very interesting for my store and very useful. Their development team is super helpful and always available. Thanks for all your hard work.

Mommy Makeup

I wanted to hide the Google Customer Reviews badge that shows up on the bottom-left of Desktop browsers – but only in countries where we have more than the minimum GCR reviews… so I have it hiding everywhere except USA. This was deadweight and arguably a CR killer outside USA since the GC badge was empty (except in USA) I plan on using many of the apps features. The developer is fast to respond and total pro.
Thank you!


Wonderful support from Alex the Developer of this app. He was able to teach me how to set up and use the app to fit with my specific needs. This app is exactly what I needed to scale my store and products into the US from Australia. I am now able to have US customers redirected to my US page that is connected to my US warehouse and also hide products that I don't currently have available in the US but I do have available in AUS. Without this app, I would not have been able to launch in the US without setting up multiple domains and costing a lot more money. Thank you Thank you for creating this and making it much more cost effective and easier to launch into global markets. Highly recommend!