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11. říjen 2023

This app used to be GREAT - absolutely perfect for what we needed. Why can't these developers leave well enough alone??? They are constantly tweaking and changing. They want me to upgrade, and if I do that the app will no longer meet my needs at all. We need to be able to tack a stock product (think a large blue T-shirt) out of stock, apply a customization (iron-on) at an additional charge, and append the sku to reflect the customization. Used to work beautifully, now has issues, and that facility will be removed completely if I upgrade. The old version has been changed that causes some issues, but at least it is still tracking inventory and linking by product ID, which is critical for my business. If they keep this in the new version they would have a 5-star app.

Crazy K Farm Pet and Poultry
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19. leden 2021

This is a great app if are NOT planning on creating DISCOUNTS on select products. This is due the the fact that any options you create that have an added charge will not be included at checkout. And for that serious flaw, we will be removing the app and choosing one that works with are $chargeable added options.

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Datum úprav: 9. duben 2020

The front end app is great, the back end of the app not so much but the support is excellent.

However, I feel it is missing some fundamental things within the app.
1. being able to select all products in a search to assign a template to (rather than page by page)
2. being able to use the "sort" function on the menu bar to change the order of the products
3. being able to see which products don't have a template assigned to them
4. being able to see which templates are assigned to which products
5. being able to set up automatic rules for templates so you don't have to do it manually

When you are dealing with a large inventory of products I feel that the app doesn't support you very well.

I also feel that support doesn't particularly want suggestions and while a part of me understands that I would expect them to at least consider them for future improvements of the app.

It is a very detailed app for creating multiple variants and being able to create parent and child variants. On the front end it looks very good and support was able to assist with CSS edits that were beyond my ability.

It suits my needs on the front end very well but I feel the back end could be much easier to use.

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Datum úprav: 7. únor 2018

The MageWorx Support Team is learning to more responsive and they are improving their App. There is still a long way to go, but they prove that they are getting better and they are willing to get better at what they do.

I will give them a 5-Star when customer purchases reach $100,000 via their system.

That is the only true test.

--------------Update 07FEB2017-------------------------------------------------

The app promises a lot, but falls short. We have been struggle install the app for 3 months. Used the Magento version and it works fine. But the Shopify version is clunky, product option images disappear randomly, it does not work well with other apps as if it was the only app you would get, and the support team does little to help. Their only answer is to ignore requests and push back saying until the next release, which never comes. Other apps do a better job to ensure that their app succeeded and impresses the buyer of the app. Even when asked to help for money, they seem indifferent to even help for money. The self installation is very dangerous. My recommendation to you is to go to another app in order to avoid all the problems, indifferent uncaring support team, and save your time. Even when their product fails, they still charge you. Just FYI.

Solara Cdl
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17. září 2020

I did like this app, and the support was quite quick (usually within 24 hours) but I absolutely hated how they cloned your products. I ended up with 100's of extra products that made finding the ones I actually needed to very difficult. Uninstalled for this reason.

Happily Rustic
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Vývojář Mageworx odpověděl 17. září 2020


Thank you for your feedback.

We understand your concern. The thing is that Shopify doesn't allow changing a product price on the checkout without using the standard variants or cloning the product.

Our team is working on a new update for this app, which will significantly improve the approach of how options are added to products. We will get rid of the cloned products and we will use the Shopify Variants functionality to add the options. The final product variant will be dynamically generated to reflect all chosen options. It will make all native Shopify features working correctly.

Have a great day!

1. listopad 2020

This app may be good if they work at issues it has. And Customer Service gets an F- for they will leave you hanging without any kind of response at all. Really they need to first get app issues resolved and then they must work on Customer Service remember we pay you for a service you said you could provide. We didn't ask you for this app you made it I'm sure to make money so all I ask is that you give us what you said you would nothing more and nothing less.

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Vývojář Mageworx odpověděl 1. listopad 2020


Thank you for taking the time to write. I wanted to let you know how sorry we are for not being able to meet your expectations.

Your ticket was in our dev queue under investigation before you deleted the app along with the collaborator access so that we weren't able to proceed.

Here at Mageworx, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service. And in this instance, we clearly dropped the ball.

So please let us know if you decide to give the app another try, we'll do our best to make things right.

Thank you.

17. září 2020

Great options tool, support is great and very, very fast! But it makes a clone of each product. can be automatically deleted after a while but still no good solution if you will use remarketing etc.
Customers can't change an option anymore, if they click the product from the cart page, because it will link to the cloned product without options...
I hope a solution will be found very soon

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Vývojář Mageworx odpověděl 22. září 2020


Thank you for your feedback.

Yes, we understand your concern. At the very moment, our dev team is working on the massive UI reconfiguration, We'll change the way our options are added to products and get rid of those cloned products.

We are doing our best to release this update as soon as possible.

Have a great day.