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2. leden 2024

Works great. Been using it for years!

Mega Distribution
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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 4 roky
31. leden 2024

The app is very user friendly and setup is a breeze. The customer service is phenomenal, I received detailed email responses in real-time and they thoroughly understands the needs of their customers. They were able to walk me through use-cases and general utility pointing out what works as well as if there any limitations.

Redline Detection
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Doba používání aplikace: 2 dny
23. listopad 2023

Does exactly what it says it does. Has infinite customization, is reliable, and pretty easy to set up. Love it.

Doba používání aplikace: Asi 2 měsíci
2. listopad 2023

Does what is says. Simple and effective. Great support too!

Ines Gloves
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2. říjen 2023

We needed an App to capture additional customer information and this one fit our needs perfectly. We've been using it now for a couple months and everything has worked great....very happy...highly recommend.

Hunters Headquarters Canada
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Vývojář Talon Commerce odpověděl 4. říjen 2023

Thanks for taking the time to write!

It's great to hear that the app fit your needs well.

11. duben 2019

I am using this app for my business. I was not sure about it in the beginning (since there are so many other apps out there). However, once I started using it, it was so simple and easy to use! It is a great app!

Tea & Cup Wholesale
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Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 5 roky
16. leden 2020

A registration app with advanced features like no other in the app store today! Not only did the features of the application exceed our account registration needs, their customer service also is a league apart from some others in the app market.
Complete Creation to Integration and testing took less than 20 minutes!
Thoroughly impressed by Michael and his team at Taloncommerce.

Elixir Kitchens Wholesale
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Doba používání aplikace: Více než 3 roky
Datum úprav: 18. červenec 2018

Now that I can use the registration form for my log in page, it is great! I was able to add all the fields I needed for my wholesale site. Super easy to use and has a clean look. Any new person that registers does direct you to the app to approve rather than being able to approve via email. Only a minor inconvenience.... but you will be able to see all your customers in one place which is great.
Michael provides individual and customized service which is superb. Looking forward to continuing my use of this app!

Anama Usa
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Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 3 roky
Datum úprav: 19. srpen 2020

This app works like a treat. But I would like to know if a registered user logs in, can you track which user and when they logged into your site?

Modko Commercial
Doba používání aplikace: Více než 2 roky
30. květen 2020

A great app that works perfectly and is a must-have for any site (like a wholesale site) that needs to have shoppers register and be pre-approved to shop. It's worked perfectly from day 1 and the talon team provides almost immediate support, and has been a great help with any questions and tips, like how to add a link to the sign- up form in your main menu. A truly top-notch app. and developer.

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