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8. leden 2024

I've recommended AfterShip Tracking to colleagues partly because of the phenomenal customer service. Every time I've reached out with a question or issue, they've been extremely knowledgeable and highly effective in their responses. You can tell they genuinely care about your satisfaction with their app, and that kind of level of attention is brilliant advantage when trying to run an online shop.

The Corporate Girl Planner
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10. prosinec 2023

**Five Stars for AfterShip: A Must-Have Shopify App! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐**

As a dedicated e-commerce aficionado navigating the digital seas of Shopify, stumbling upon AfterShip was like finding the ultimate treasure chest in a vast ocean of apps. Let me break down why this app deserves a standing ovation:

**Feature Extravaganza:**
Even in the free version, AfterShip showered my Shopify store with an array of features that felt more like a VIP experience than a complimentary offering. Real-time tracking, instant notifications, and a sleek, user-friendly interface – it's like having a personal assistant for every shipment.

**Seamless Integration:**
Integration? AfterShip nails it. With a few clicks, my Shopify store transformed into an e-commerce powerhouse. The simplicity of syncing orders, automating tracking, and providing customers with an effortless tracking experience is the kind of magic every Shopify merchant dreams of.

**Budget-Friendly Brilliance:**
Who says greatness comes with a hefty price tag? AfterShip proves otherwise. The free features alone made me feel like I'd stumbled upon a secret passage to e-commerce success without breaking the bank.

**Analytics Awesomeness:**
Tracking shipments is one thing; understanding their journey is another. AfterShip didn't just stop at delivering packages; it delivered insights. The analytics dashboard felt like a crystal ball, revealing patterns and trends that were invaluable for optimizing my shipping strategy.

**Customer Support Like No Other:**
A great app is only as good as its support team, and AfterShip boasts a team that's nothing short of spectacular. Responsive, knowledgeable, and genuinely invested in their users' success – they turned every question into an opportunity for growth.

AfterShip, you've earned every one of these stars, and then some. As a Shopify store owner, my journey without AfterShip feels incomplete. It's not just an app; it's a game-changer. Kudos to the team for creating something truly extraordinary.


A Forever Grateful Shopify Merchant ️✨

Fresh & Fit Attire
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10. leden 2024

Great app that we have been using for a couple of years. I had a small issue today and the support was excellent! Thank you Priya.

Trove & Co.
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29. prosinec 2023

Experience was good. Appreciate the immediate assistance provided by Mr. Saransh.
Thank you!

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9. leden 2024

Aseem helped us fix an important issue that we faced when we moved to Shopify headless store.

Golf Gods
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1. prosinec 2023

Aftership tracking is a great app and definitely provides with awesome support. Rajat was especially good about providing and following up with us and solving our issue on the go. Highly recommend this app.

Old Gringo Boots
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10. listopad 2023

AfterShip is a great app to connect to your store and help communicate with your customers. I started with them because they were one of the few that connected with our regional carrier in the Midwest - Spee Dee Delivery. Have since found many useful tools in the app including a tracking site that I added my menu for my customers to track their package easier. I would highly recommend checking it out!

Hewitt's Meats
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22. prosinec 2023

AfterShip has strong strong customer service. Thank you, Nitin, for your help quickly resolving our issue.

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10. prosinec 2023

I needed help changing my sender email, i got connected with Priya, she helped all the way through, she was quick, she answered all questions.

Loyale Bre
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9. leden 2024

Fantastic customer service today from Garvita Kant. Garvita went through a demo of the AfterShip platform and was very patient with me, when I asked to go over things multiple times. Thank you for your service!

Choice Garden Buildings
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