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3. prosinec 2022

Too early to rate the app as I just installed it, but I can rate the support since I was having trouble with some of the integration with my Shopify store. The support response thru the chat function was immediate and to the point. Took care of my problem immediately. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Pizza Oven Direct
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6. září 2023

At first, I didn't know how to operate the system, but I asked customer service, and right at the bottom right corner of the page, I was received by Aseem, who was very responsible and detailed in answering my questions and helping me with other newbies on top of my questions. Now I have started using the accessible version of it and I will likely use the premium plan as my business grows.

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25. leden 2023

The application is quite advance with their options. You can do a lot of things with the app just need a little time to get used to it. Great support so far

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9. červenec 2023

Great App, So far everything looks great however for those of you looking for the free plan its a little hidden, if you scroll a little down you will be able to find it.

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Datum úprav: 9. červenec 2023

Amazing app and services! Very professional and completely customizable for our brand to keep it with the same look for whatever service we use. Thank you so much Ankit Pathak for all your help and for making this possible!

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13. listopad 2022

Customer service quickly answered my questions and helped me. I've used it before and when I came back to Shopify I thought it wouldn't be possible without aftership. A handy tracking app.

Powermax Led
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1. březen 2023

was very informative and clear. there was a connection issue but overall very good. he was very calm and kind. i think if you could speak a little slower that would of been better but overall a wonderful experience

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10. únor 2023

Excellent Service, works well. They are very professional, especially when you need help from them. Love the Automation. Thanks

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9. červenec 2023

The AfterShip Shopify app is an absolute game-changer for any e-commerce business. With its well-deserved 5-star rating, this app takes order tracking to a whole new level. Seamlessly integrating with Shopify, it provides real-time tracking updates and notifications to both merchants and customers, ensuring transparency and peace of mind. The app's intuitive interface makes it easy to manage and track shipments, saving valuable time and reducing customer inquiries. Additionally, its robust analytics and reporting features enable data-driven decision-making. With AfterShip, merchants can deliver exceptional post-purchase experiences, build trust, and enhance customer satisfaction. If you're looking for a reliable and efficient order tracking solution, the AfterShip Shopify app is an absolute must-have, truly deserving its impressive 5-star rating.

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27. listopad 2022

very user-friendly, quick support time. simple templates and easy to learn. not overbearing or difficult to maintain. solid amount of features

Cee of Creativity
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