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Bewerkt 24 april 2023

At first during the initial on-boarding and set up Ankit helped me with everything! So much information thank you friend you are very patient & kind.

And I already tested our local shipping numbers with the link Ankit provided too and everything worked perfectly! It was a bit of work as I wanted to try on my own to add our shipper overseas but I was able to do it successfully! Probably best to ask for guidance but I was happy to explore the app and just found it that way.

We are about to open our website so I'll be starting for real shortly using this probably daily but so far everything looks good and I'm excited to have this app especially since I can personally customize the shipping update messages with memes and gifs for my clients that's awesome and a lot of fun. Sometimes it's tricky to get the gifs to be the right size but there's size reducing apps and online apps for helping with that (be sure to pay attention to the allowed sizes for each image to be used).

AfterShip for sure is not perfect as the learning curve is like most powerful apps a bit steep but it gets the job done very well perhaps the best out there in this category that works with Shopify & Omnisend another app I use. And I did look at all competition but nothing really can compete I think with AfterShip in the end so far.

And again I really like the customizations which are far superior to Shopify's own options unless you are good at coding perhaps. Sure again AfterShip can be a bit confusing all the options and finding where to set things up. And it takes some time to figure out how it all works together. But soon enough you will get the hand of it. And if you forget something just ask support to remind you no worries.

Really Tracking is a big concern for us over all as we are an international seller with almost 100% of our orders going overseas. So it's critical that we keep our team & customers heavily in the shipping loop. So there's little chance of any missed deliveries resulting in returned shipments which is disastrous for us all. That would be a very unfortunate issue as it's so expensive to reship again and such a waste of everyone's precious time too. I have good expectations for AfterShip and will report back after a few months hopefully with some more news about it!

Also seems I can use the app with orders outside Shopify too... but have not tried that yet will do so and report back as I have other websites too should be interesting how that works out.

Just been working on a few more last things to finish up and Animesh, Debashish, Moazzam, Shreyasi and Aseem have assisted me quickly & clearly regarding almost any questions I had. Sorry if I left anyone out so many kind support staff. Thank you all friends!

Finally last thing don't forget to on all your apps involving use of emails be sure to verify your email account. This app and others forgot to remind me about this point and almost didn't do it. Also on this matter you really should have a personalized company account email using your website address this is best. Not a yahoo, aol or such address. But a professional one. Both AfterShip or your hosting company can help you with the verification process it's not too difficult and it worked for me fine fast (also be sure when you copy and paste the info for verification that you copy the right details go in the correct spots... my copy and paste put the same thing twice in a row which caused the verification to fail but luckily my hosting support person noticed it and so I updated asap and had instant success).

Ok that's about it for now...

Thanks once again to all of the AfterShip Team for all their kind & speedy support!!!

Nirvana Glass
10 dagen gebruiken de app
12 april 2023

This app is very useful for tracking orders all at once! The support team is amazing, and they're always willing to help. We have used this app for so long now, and we can't imagine doing business without it! We also love the fact that it links with, and Klaviyo making the purchase journey for our customers smooth as possible. We would give 100 stars if possible. Love it! Thank you so much, guys; a big thanks to Animesh, Debashshi, Rahul, and everyone else who has been helping us for so long! Great partnership!!!!

Cuddle Decor
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Bijna 3 jaar gebruiken de app
2 januari 2023

I just started using this app and I’m already impressed. I can tell this app is definitely going to be worth it. I’ve been on Shopify for a few years now and I’ve been searching for the perfect app to communicate with our shoppers in the most efficient way, regarding order queries. From the moment i landed on AfterShip the customer service has been nothing but A1 top notch! The app has quite a bit of features to it so thats a plus, and its very easy to use so this makes it a major plus for me! Also AfterShip really help to guide you in setting up if your not sure on what to do, so don’t worry about that part. In regards of using an app that will really add value to your online store, I highly recommend implementing AfterShip. A personal thanks to Ankit & Harsh for the warm welcome and help in setting up AfterShip to my online store.

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3 maanden gebruiken de app
14 april 2023

I recently started using Aftership for all of my package tracking needs and I have been blown away by its capabilities. This app is an absolute game changer when it comes to tracking shipments from various couriers and carriers.

The interface is intuitive and easy to use, and it's incredibly convenient to have all of my tracking information in one place. I no longer have to go to individual carrier websites to check on my packages.

One of the features I love most about Aftership is the proactive delivery updates. I receive notifications about any changes in delivery status, so I never have to wonder where my package is or when it will arrive.

Another great feature is the ability to customize tracking pages with my own branding, making it a seamless extension of my business.

Overall, Aftership has exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to keep track of multiple shipments. Five stars all around!

1 dag gebruiken de app
30 april 2023

I have been using aftership since I opened my store the beginning of April and the app has worked great thus far. I have had numerous questions regarding being a new business and making sure I have all apps needed to run the business from beginning to end. I have had 2 customers and the communication has been great so far during this process. I advise that if you get Aftership tracking be sure to get Aftership Returns too. Easy set up just in case you need it.
Thank you aftership, this has been 1 less headache to deal with.

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3 maanden gebruiken de app
20 februari 2023

The app has many great features, so far I find AFterShip very helpful & useful. I needed help with changing some data to match up with my business info and the customer service rep. was very helpful and showed me what to do. I like that you have the ability to edit features within the app. All in all, good customer service, easy solution, useful app!

Bulletproof Equipped
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5 dagen gebruiken de app
19 januari 2023

Have run into a few hiccups here and there with some email notifications, but the support team has always helped me out. But customers receiving real-time notifications about shipping delays, pickups being ready, and exceptions is insanely helpful. Will continue to use from now on.

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5 maanden gebruiken de app
14 september 2023

I'm on the 7-day trial, which was extended to 14 days, so I have more time to learn how to use the app. Customer Service is quick and helpful! Excellent app! You can customize the customer's notification email with your logo, send automatic updates, and lots of features! Thanks for your help Ankit.

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6 dagen gebruiken de app
26 mei 2023

Amazing app and services! Very professional and completely customizable for our brand to keep it with the same look for whatever service we use. Thank you so much Rahul for all your help and for making this possible! Rahul is very kind, professional, persistent and gets things done! Thank you again!

Ferozia Beauty
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Bewerkt 3 januari 2023

I just had an issue with my store and thought it might have been caused by the AfterShip app. Long story wasn't, but my experience with Harsh from chat support was very good. We went through the issue and possible causes. We were able to rule out AfterShip and realized it was from another app. This was the 1st time I used the AfterShip chat support and was very happy with their diligence and professionalism in helping me. I wish I could say that about the other 20 apps I've used. AfterShip delivered:)

EverFlow Bidets
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