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25. říjen 2022

The solution does not meet our requirements: - ITS SLOW (on german/europe pages): Its loaded very late and reduces the whole page rendering speed. - No EXPORT-FUNCTION an help: Its a high risk for everyone, who works with Ali Reviews. Be aware that all reviews could be useless, if you want to change review app one day. - Nearly NO SUPPORT OF 2.0-THEMES. Most sections and blocks have to be integrated manually in the code. Most other apps create clean entries, which can be used in the theme editor. Everytime you want to change something with Ali reviews, you have to ask the (very fast) support. The integration by the support looked "quick and dirty". It worked at the end, but it was done by "try and error". + The SUPPORT IST VERY FAST, allways available and friendly. I got several chat-notifications while i was starting the setup. They integratet all code by themselves and took care of my advices. + The design of the Widgets are the best, ive seen and tried out. Its really a pitty, that the other points (especially speed and dirty integration) makes it impossible for us to use it. V5
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Vývojář FireApps odpověděl 26. říjen 2022

Hi Christian,

This is Donna from Ali Reviews and we're deeply sorry for your unexpected experience

Regarding to your concerns as following:

1. For the loading speed, as you know that the more reviews/photos you import per product, the slower it loads. Therefore, we recommend that you could display max 8 - 10 reviews per reviews page and suitable number of photos as a temporary way to improve it

2. Export function, although you cannot do it by yourself, we're willing to help you if you have this request

3. We have seen that one of our colleagues is reaching out you, but unsuccessful, she gave you clear explanation along with its solution on your case, please let her know if you need further support

Hope to hear from you as soon as possible

Ali Reviews by OneCommerce

Datum úprav: 2. únor 2022

Very poor app, you can't display review stars on your homepage featured product and when you want to migrate to some other app which allows you this, they won't let you export the reviews from their app so that they could be compatible with the app you need

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Vývojář FireApps odpověděl 12. leden 2022


Here's Roger from Ali Reviews - Product Reviews Customer Support Team and we're truly sorry for this inconvenience causing to your experience

Firstly, as you said that "can't display review stars on your homepage featured product", for your case, our Dev team informed you that your homepage is using JS to load so our rating code can't work properly

Secondly, as export review function, there is a misunderstanding from my colleague, for making it clear our app will definitely let you export review. I have seen that my colleague has sent you follow-up emails, please let them know if you need further help

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Ali Reviews - Product Reviews Support Team

Datum úprav: 10. říjen 2020

I am using this app since more than a year.
First af all, this app makes your store much slower thats for sure, so it is harder to positioning store in Google, also Google marks product pages with reviews as an error so keep that in mind. There was an inciddent where app just stop working, I do not know for how long I paid for not working app and how much money I wasted during advertasing of products without reviews so it was way less effective.
When I contacted support I spot on Andy. I accepted "collaborate" option immediately to make this done as soon as possible. I check the status of collaborant after one hour just to see "Never logged in". And then I wrote a message once again and then Andy log in immediately and fix the issue in couple of minutes. I wonder how much I would have waited if I hadn't written to him. I though this app was flawless but it is not.

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Vývojář FireApps odpověděl 12. říjen 2020

Hi there,

Here`s Raymond from Ali Reviews - Product Reviews Customer Support Team, and we are truly sorry that you ain't satisfied with support service provided by one of my colleague here.

Regarding concern about the loading speed and Google issue, if it still is happening now, I am willing to check it deeper for you. Also we are having a new performance update this week, so perhaps it can satisfy your expectation.

Another problem was about the delay with support service. Please note that this may happen when there was a high volume in chat, and we are doing our best to reduce it as much as possible.

Besides, I'm proud to share with you that most of issues reported by merchants recently can be fixed within first hour which I do see in your situation too.

Thank you for your understanding, and should you need any further assistance later, please feel free to contact us via our 24/7 live chat, or email at

Best Regards,

9. duben 2021

Since the most recent update, the app became a lot less helpful.
We started with a free trial. After the free trial I always downgraded to the basic plan, but now I need to write all of the reviews again.
They are doing everything they can to have there customers buy a more expensive plan.

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Vývojář FireApps odpověděl 10. duben 2021

Hi Jeroen,

Here`s David from Ali Reviews - Product Reviews Customer Support Team, and we are truly sorry for this inconvenience caused.

We seem not to understand your issue clearly, you please elaborate it, and we're willing to help you deal with it. Besides that, we have seen that you're having an active chat with my colleague, so please feel free to let them know about your issue.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon

Best Regards

16. duben 2018

I have updated the new version but still I can't add all 5000 products with reviews.. when using oberlo .. each page gives me a list of 20 products to add it will take me 250 times to add reviews for 5000 products.. please help me out.. Thanks

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6. červen 2019

error 404 ????? que ce passe-t-il ?? il faut vite règler ce probleme. nous payons pour cette application

Aliver canada
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Vývojář FireApps odpověděl 7. červen 2019

Dear Stephanie,

I am Lynn from Ali Reviews Customer Support team, and firstly I would like to say sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Regarding the 404 issue you got, this is because our servers was experiencing an unexpected outage.

We are now in progress to fix it, and the ETA provided will be around 06:30am, Jun 7, 2019 (GMT).

Everything should be back to normal at that moment, meanwhile I will keep you updated with latest news via your email.

Once again, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best Regards,

22. prosinec 2017

it should have auto linking to each product. this is very time consuming.

Elpis Garden
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23. červen 2018

Nice at first, but takes way too long to load, they sometime don't appear and support isn't great

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31. červenec 2019

I am currently using this app but today i have a problem with my images reviews they are not showing up on my store . There are numbers on the right top of the reviews that have images . i do not know how to solve the problem.

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Vývojář FireApps odpověděl 31. červenec 2019

Hi Muhammet,

Here's Ken from FireApps Customer Support Team, and thanks so much for your feedback.

We are so sorry for this inconvenience may have caused to your store, and it is sadly to know that we could not help you earlier.

About your reported issue, I would like to inform that it was caused due to a new function we just added recently, Lazy load, in order to improve your customers' experience in your Shopify store. However, there might be some old cache saved on your Chrome browser. Thus, our resolution is that kindly help me clear the old cache, and reload the page (by pressing Ctrl + Shift + R in your keyboard), and everything should work as usual.

Thanks so much for your understanding, and hopefully you will continue enjoying our app.

Best Regards,

8. duben 2019

I don't like this app at all. I tried importing some reviews and it kept duplicating the same review. The app works poorly. I'm also not happy the name is visible to anyone visiting my site.

The Last Collective
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