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28. únor 2024

I am very pleased with the way Swati helped me to set up FREE gift on a product sale and volunteered to finish the task for me. He stayed with me 'til the end. I will definitely recommend AIOD to others. Great job.

4your NICHE only
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Vývojář CirkleStudio odpověděl 1. březen 2024

We’re thrilled that you were satisfied with our support. Your feedback is appreciated, and we hope to be of help again soon!

15. březen 2024

These people are the best and very patient! Sometimes its hard to find kindness and understanding when dealing with technology and these people are hard working and have excellent communication skills. I recommend this app and believe it will only get better! Thanks Chirag and team!

Red Bag
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19. leden 2024

does what we need it to do..
Had some issues 1st day of launch as we had set it up slightly wrong. Went onto their live chat and within 30mins it was all sorted. Quick response time and working perfectly now

Island vape UK
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Vývojář CirkleStudio odpověděl 1. březen 2024

We’re glad to hear you had a great experience with us. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further assistance. Send us an email on

24. leden 2024

Great app and the support is excellent and very quick. I like the chat, can reach support very quickly. Only reason for 3 stars and not 5 is because the app doesnt display the discount percentage the customer is receiving in the cart. I have asked support to add this, they said it cannot be added. I am sure it can be added with some coding so not sure if they are not bothered to do this or not. If other apps have it, you should be able to do it as well. If this feature is added, definitely a 5 star rated app.

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Vývojář CirkleStudio odpověděl 25. leden 2024

Hello Dear Admin,

Please check it. I configure the app based on line item in your store. There is a setting under the app settings where you can set the discount based on line item or based on subtotal.

I set it as line item and now it is display the discount on each line of the cart.

I hope that works for you. Let me know if you still have any question.

22. březen 2024

Very helpful, fast, and effective customer service. Highly recommend

Tunnel Hill Mushrooms
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19. únor 2024

The support on this app is amazing!

MicroPmu Tattoo Supply
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2. duben 2024

The search is over! We needed an app that would allow us to specify POS or web and allow discount rules for certain collections based on customer tags. Simple in concept, but very difficult to find the right app to do this. This app does it!!

We needed wholesale pricing on POS only, as we have a separate website for wholesale customers to log into. We wanted to protect our customer-facing retail site from any complex discount rules, but still allow in person wholesale checkout via our POS terminals. This has been an incredibly hard problem to solve and we have tested numerous apps.

We didn't want any theme changes, so finding an app that would allow us to specify POS only and set rules based on customers tags has not been easy. This app does everything we were looking for, without forcing theme changes for POS applications.

Interface is clean and easy to understand. I did have one issue (totally my fault, a case sensitive tag issue), but I did contact customer support and they were prompt and courteous in their reply. They solved my problem quickly (again, not their fault either) and even added some functionality we needed to make this app perfect for us.

So far I am incredibly happy with this app and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a similar application.

Panhandle Palm & Rock
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30. leden 2024

Great app, does what it need to do. Support also very fast & solves the problem. This app is recommended!

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27. listopad 2023

Fantastic app. Wanted to set up different discounts for online and in-store. Let's you set up POS only discounts, which is amazing! Customer service is top-notch. They have a live chat feature which makes getting help fast and easy. My discounts weren't working the day before Thanksgiving and they were able to get it all fixed for me within minutes! Can't recommend this app enough! There are a few minor features I wish they had (like setting a time start/end time for discounts; currently defaults midnight-midnight), but overall an amazing all-in-one app!

Wild Kids Play
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Vývojář CirkleStudio odpověděl 28. listopad 2023

we appreciate the fantastic review and are glad we could be of service. If you have any further needs or questions, please reach out!

I keep your request in my todo list about start and end date with time.

1. březen 2024

We needed to target certain Customer Segments with specific percentage discounts while still allowing them to utilize discount codes. This app allows for all of that and more!

TerraCycle, Inc.
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