Country Based Announcement Bar

Country Based Announcement Bar

od Metizsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd

Easy way to make notification bar based on country

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Podrobnosti o Country Based Announcement Bar

Country Based Announcement Bar

Country Based Announcement Bar has just been launched on the public app store to add value to your business and to give great customer interaction experience. As per the name this apps is fully equipped with sought-after features and customization to tweak the look and feel , position of bar on store like top or bottom, on all pages or skip some pages, it displays information based on the countries selected.

What we can do with country based announcement bar ?

  1. Set the Country specific User notification display, So only user /visitor from that country can see notification.
  2. Helping to notify the all user and visitor across store
  3. The user can customize the look and feel of the notification bar and can tweak the appearance with a variety of colors, fonts, text layout, etc.
  4. The notification bar can be placed on different positions like top or bottom as per the suitability to match with store space and design
  5. Based on the store owner preferences, the notification bar can be used in particular pages like product pages, collection pages or other. As well as there is option to skip some pages to not display bar

When to use the country based announcement bar

  • Its very important for the online store to notify their user with some messages many Time like :
  • Discount and Offers
  • Festival Wishes
  • Season Sale
  • Cause & Charity
  • Online store Maintenance date and time
  • New products or Upcoming Products promotions
  • Change in Shipping or billing system or Some policies
  • Any other custom message that owner wish to share with visitor customer

Benefit Of Apps

  1. Increase sale by showing notification for good offer and season sale
  2. Do promotions by showing notification for new & upcoming products
  3. Its create Great impression with visitor once you try to interact and give messages by notification
  4. It can help to convert the visitor to customer by reading notification of offers and discount coupons
  5. Customer satisfaction by easy to inform customer incase of any channel breakdown like billing or shipping due to natural disaster
  6. Awareness creation for your customer for charity or cause for humanity

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Nejnovější recenze

Boutique Sweet Birdie

I am very happy to have this country based announcement bar. It would be nicer if they can offer multiple bars in the future. Thank you very much!

Jamy Jams

Had some issues with getting the app to work but actually, I think it was more my side ;)

Developer jumped right away to provide direct help which was amazing. I'm really impressed.
As for the app itself - it's almost perfect. Only two things I would kind of like to do is not have a button and a link and to be able to have several 'bars' so one for EU, one for US etc.. but it works for my needs now.


Customers who purchased outside the US kept complaining about shipping times. With this plugin customers from outside the US see a banner at the top of the site with a link to a blog post explaining what to expect. It's reduced the complaints from foreign customers to zero.