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Data modifica: 28 marzo 2023

I had a terrible experience with this company. They suddenly blocked my account, leaving me unable to access my information. Then, they demanded all kinds of documents and business registration files from me, and even asked for an English version. After wasting a whole day providing everything they asked for, they informed me that my account couldn't be restored. This was an enormous waste of my time and effort. I do not recommend this company.

Throughout the verification process, you never mentioned the issue of the 18+ wall, but instead repeatedly demanded that we provide our company's business registration information and other documents. This caused significant inconvenience to our employees who had to apply for various certificates from our company, only to be ultimately rejected. Moreover, due to the sudden account suspension, we were unable to respond to our customers who were in the middle of receiving services.

RAS di Hong Kong
1 giorno di utilizzo dell’app
Crisp ha risposto 28 marzo 2023

We are sorry about this bad experience. However, your company is selling sex toys, and as a business, we have a legal responsibility and must respect local legislation.

It appears your company doesn't fit with our local regulations because there is no 18+ wall.

It's mandatory for European people. Feel free to update your website so we can review your application.

Until then, have fun!