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21 Kasım 2023

I've been using this app for over a year and the increase in saves definitely covered the costs of using the app. It's very easy to use and it now has new widgets for upsells. Also very fast support. Enjoying this app so far.
I was considering to switching to another app that also had bundles, but this one + the free Bundles app from Shopify basically cover everything you'd need for great bundled offers and upsells.

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 yıl
5 Kasım 2023

Absolutely the best App we ever used from Shopify store by far! And Yusuf has been a great help and support to us. He seems always there for you when you got any issue or question. Highly recommend to any Shopify store owner!

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 yıl
8 Ekim 2023

This is a great app. For a small price you get tons of value! The support is veeeeeery helpful and tries to resolve any issues you may have, the response time is under 1 minute. Revenue improved thanks to this app! Install it now, you won't be disappointed. Easy to use, the price is LOWER than for the same apps.

Roomie Design
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 yıl
13 Ekim 2023

Yusuf has helped and answered many of my questions which I am thankful for. The app is amazing and does everything I want. Definitely a must have app for any Shopify store! Keep up the good work

Allsorts Australia
Yeni Zelanda
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:3 ay
3 Kasım 2023

This app helps me increase the order value, and the support team is very helpful!

Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 yıl
13 Kasım 2023

Perfect App. Best support. Had two conflicts with the theme and they resolved it. Some other bugs that they resolved. Also, I requested a feature that even though they seemed busy, did it in time. I am using volume bundle and addons and it works perfectly. Also, their discount is compatible with another plugin I have. ( for subscriptions. )

GDH Store
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:19 gün
12 Ekim 2023

This app has been aweseome! Easy to use and really helped increase my AOV on a one-product store, love it!

Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:4 ay
8 Kasım 2023

So far this app has been very helpful. The support team helped me achieve the look I wanted. My theme seems to be a little challenging to work with, so it was not plug and play but they helped me.

Natural Radiant Life
Amerika Birleşik Devletleri
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:3 ay
13 Kasım 2023

I would highly recommend this app as it has lots to offer and the customer service is also great!

White Heather home
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:21 gün
24 Kasım 2023

Great app for increasing AOV. Had some issues, but they were resolved incredibly quickly by the amazing customer service.

Birleşik Krallık
Uygulamayı kullanma süresi:Yaklaşık 1 ay