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22 Ocak 2023 tarihinde düzenlendi

Customers keep getting stuck on the Upsell page for hours without receiving a confirmation or getting their products. Also this app slows down my website immensely with the product add-ons and the developers just wrote it off as not being an issue on their side even though the issues are directly pointing towards the add-ons on this app

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Assortion yanıt 22 Ocak 2023

Hi, the expiration time for post purchase offers is 1 hour by default and order's hold should be released after the offer expires. You can change the expiration time in the Settings page.

I checked your store but the add-ons are loading almost immediately, in less then 1/5 of a second. Could you explain how it slows down your store? I checked our support logs but couldn't find any complaint from you or conversation about this.

Overall, you were a pretty happy user and even left us a 5-star review. Sorry for letting you down and would be happy to help anytime.

16 Ekim 2022

The app is ok but you get no help in customizing the options! You get stupid answers e.g.: "try our product addons widget"
Not recommendable!

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Assortion yanıt 16 Ekim 2022

I wish you could've talked to over 2,000 merchants we have assisted in our support channel so far and they all would tell you there is a misunderstanding here :) we offer extensive customization support and go above and beyond to help our users. Don't take our word for it, just read our reviews. All the best! Yusuf

24 Eylül 2022 tarihinde düzenlendi

UPDATE: The app owner used my data to stalk me via Facebook. I downloaded this app expecting to be able to create a product bundle where the bundle is a product itself. But this program doesn't do that. After I uninstalled the app because it didn't meet my needs, the creator of the app reached out to me and claimed it did do what I looking for, so I tried the app again. It still didn't do what I wanted. Which the creator admitted in another email.

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Assortion yanıt 24 Eylül 2022

Hi, apologies if we wasted your time but you left us a message saying "I just want to create bunldes of 3 to 5 products” and did not mentioned you wanted it as separate product at all. Our team graciously tried to help you solve your problem on a weekend. Appreciate your review anyway, good or bad.