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Datum úprav: 31. březen 2019

This app worked great for us for about a year. Then, suddenly in January, we had complaints about customers not being able to get through checkout without it timing out. If they had a lot of line items in their cart, it seemed like the app could not update the automatic discount code properly with so many line items.

As a result of this, we lost thousands and thousands of dollars. The app developers kept shifting blame to Shopify. Once we deleted the app, we no longer had complaints or issues. It seems that the issue was a combination of something that changed on the Shopify platform, PLUS this automatic discount app that could no longer adjust the discounted pricing at checkout when there were a lot of line items in the cart (typically 50+ line items).

I tried reinstalling the app this week, and two days in we started receiving the exact same complaints again. Checkout was timing out for customers so they could not place their orders. We have immediately disabled and deleted this app, and will no longer be using it again. Frustrated that the app developers did not have communication with us, and never truly followed up on the issue.

Canadian DIY Supply Inc.
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Vývojář Staytuned odpověděl 1. duben 2019

UPDATE on 05/01/2019: the issue has been resolved.

First, I'd like to apologize for the issues. I understand that's very frustrating. 

Our side, when we first tested by disabling Automatic Discount in your store, we were still able to reproduce the issue. From what I re-read from Shopify's guru Dane, she was as well able to reproduce the issue when Automatic Discount was turned off. 

Our side, we did contact Shopify App team to figure out a fix. Basically, the issue comes indeed from Shopify's checkout when an order has many items and when the order is edited quite often (products added and removed from cart, quantity changed). This cause a timeout and an error message is displayed at checkout to customers.

The way our app works (and many other Shopify apps and scripts), is that it relies on Shopify's checkout to work flawlessly in order to apply one or more requests. If Shopify has this timeout error, our app like many other apps, will multiply this error, because it checks every cart change to achieve its purpose: applying the right discount to the right cart content, automatically. That being said, it explains why some of the store's customers, with an equivalent huge order, see the error message at checkout (the ones editing their cart more often), while some aren't seeing the error (the ones making a straight order with one single visit to checkout).

To be honest, we can't explain why the Canadian DIY Supply store didn't have any issue with it for over a year, and then around a month ago started to see this issue at checkout. Shopify should be able to answer. What we know is that, pretty often, Shopify makes changes their side (some we are aware of via their change logs, some are more "obscure" and we're either not informed of, or we miss it until a ticket is opened. We really hope Shopify can fix the source of this timeout error, therefore apps like ours relying on it won't accentuate this issue. We contacted Shopify about it and will again open a forum thread, a ticket, a post in Shopify's Slack group and any possible ways to get some awareness and "votes" to allocate Shopify ressources to fix that. 

Our side, we've started last week to work on a "patch", which actually is the best we can do: adding an option in our app's settings to reduce the number of requests at checkout. Doing that, some of our features won't work (for example our add-on to display the savings in cart), but for a store like Canadian DIY Supply that has huge orders, it should help a lot. 

We'll keep you updated about it. 

24. listopad 2018

The app works great for some order but on other orders it doesn't apply the discount on about 10% of our orders. I spent most of black friday apologizing and refunding order manually. Sad!

Crio Bru
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Vývojář Staytuned odpověděl 16. duben 2019

Thanks for the feedback and sorry for the inconveniences.

9. březen 2023

first deal quite easy to set up but then the nightmare starts.
4 weeks later the support doesn't even understand a basic need and basic business set up. They answer but make you repeat your need everytime. I've repeat it in 4 different ways and with exemple but still everything is wrong. They don't even pay attention to what has already been set up in your back office.
when you want to set up a deal for a limited time, make sure to anticipate 5 month before to be sure to not miss the date of your sales.

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Vývojář Staytuned odpověděl 10. březen 2023

Hey 2MileSix,
Thanks for sharing this feedback. Apologies we have made you repeat your needs, we are truly trying to understand what issue you are facing!

We have gotten in touch over email to suggest a video call, as video is a super helpful way to understand your exact issues. As agreed during our call yesterday, we've reached out to you through email to provide a workaround and set up your discounts. We would love to hear back from you to let us know if everything is working now. Please rest assured that if anything else comes up, our Support team has your back!


31. říjen 2023

It's powerful and allows you to create basically whatever discount promo you want.. too bad it doesn't always work consistently.

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Vývojář Staytuned odpověděl 3. listopad 2023

Hello, Hannes here. I manage Customer Experience for Automatic Discounts & Gifts. I'd really love to help sort out the issues you've encountered. We don't have any tickets from you in support so I'm not sure what the problem is - I'll be reaching out to you by email separately to try and set up a call.

Hannes Bez | Director of Customer Experience - ADG

25. listopad 2016

Not always working. I've upgraded to premium but my rules are not being applied which defeats the purpose.

Valor Watches Australia
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12. duben 2023

The app works and looks pretty good but the pricing model makes no sense. 2.9% of my sales for the app like this is outrageous. 0.6% is a lot, but acceptable I guess??? 0,6% on top of $45 every month is ridiculous. This is not a type of promotion I am running all the time in my shop. I am not willing to pay a pretty high flat fee of $45 for the app I am going to use only from time to time. You want to charge your client 45 dollars no matter what. You don't care if I use the app or not. Then, you expect me to split my profit with you on top of it, when I actually make a promotion and generate sales with the app (I already paid for). Now you care if I made sales with it. I finished the promotion on my store and I would like to disable the app for now, but I can't. Should I just run the promotion all the time? Should I pay you $45 for nothing? Should I pay you $45 for 10 days of using the app and then give you part of my profit too, uninstall the app and then install it again and configure everything from the start again???? I just can't wrap my head around this whole concept. How people agree to this is beyond me. I wish I could work with you, but it just doesn't make sense.

Słodki Bufet
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Vývojář Staytuned odpověděl 12. duben 2023

Thank you for this review! We totally understand the frustration here and have reached out to you through e-mail to discuss alternative options.

Just so you know for the future, when you're not running any sales, you have the option to switch to our free plan, allowing you to test the waters without incurring the $49/month base fee. The best part is, you don't even need to uninstall the app. However, in the event that you do uninstall it, rest assured that all your promotions and settings will be saved. Once you reinstall the app, you'll find everything just as you left it, eliminating any worries about losing your progress or starting over.

We hope this can be a workable solution for you, and look forward to discussing over email!

25. září 2016

Good concept but the app does not work properly and support was non-existent. I set the rate and when I closed the app it stopped working. Seems to be full of bugs.

Designs By Dees Hands 2
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Vývojář Staytuned odpověděl 16. duben 2019

We improved the app a lot since 2016. We grew the team as well, for a better support. Let us know if you want to give it another try.

18. listopad 2022

I set up an automatic discount applier for my subscription business, but it didn't work for first time visitors and I lost out on several conversions because of this. This tool works sometimes, but misses the mark most of the time.

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Vývojář Staytuned odpověděl 18. listopad 2022

Thank you for your review. We tried looking for an email or ticket created by your store but we weren't able to find anything. We don't see any promotions created in the app either (probably deleted by now). If you could reach out to us and tell us what didn't work exactly we could try helping out.

Judging by the promotion you described "first time visitors" makes me think that you wanted to make a promotion that applies to customers who didn't make any other order. Since our app does not run on the checkout page, the only way we could apply it, is if the customer is already logged in before reaching checkout, or to make the discount code specific to a customer segment "New customer".

We do have an information box inside the app explaining how it works in case you make promotions based on customer properties, but that information could easily be missed which might of caused this behaviour in the app.

If you reach out to we could help you properly set it up so this case does not happen. There are multiple ways to achieve the promotion using our app and one of them will surely work for your store as well.

Datum úprav: 21. květen 2020

This app looked like it was exactly what we needed, and the way that it sets the discounts up is great. The problem that I have with the app is that it is not user friendly for the customers that visit our site. We may look into using this app in the future if there are a few changes with how it works on the front end for the customers. There are too many steps for the customers and in order for a customer to remove an item from the cart they have to exit out of the pop-up, remove it from the cart, then click back into the pop-up in order to checkout with the discount that they want.
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Vývojář Staytuned odpověděl 21. květen 2020

Thanks for the feedback. What you describe is not related to the entire app, only to the Upsell/Gift feature. We've improved it already by pre-selecting the first gift by default (avoiding customers the need to click on it). About allowing customers to edit the cart in the Gift's Order Summary modal, this was built like that intentionally, to avoid the temptation of removing items currently in cart before checkout. We'll meet tomorrow altogether and discuss about the possibility to add an option to allow editing the cart. Another idea would be to hide the current items in cart from this modal and only show the gift. We'll come back to you in a few days.

UPDATE - June 9, 2020
We'll implement a new feature to "Auto add gift to cart" by June 20th. This should help your use case.

31. leden 2018

Uninstalled. It solved the basic problem (gift with purchase) but I was so disgusted that I'm expected to pay a $50 fee to "unlock" the ability to tell anybody about it... that's with the premium account too. Lame.

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Vývojář Staytuned odpověděl 16. duben 2019

Thank you for the review. We do charge a $49.99 one-time fee to unlock the Free Gifts feature, mainly to pay our team, servers, support and fund the development of new features. Our goals are actually similar: empower Shopify store owners to make more sales.