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28 Eylül 2023

I installed the app today. It's a brilliantly conceived application, but it has some shortcomings. After testing it for a week, I will update my review.

Suggestions and Shortcomings:

I only sell women's clothing and textile products, but the 5 products added to my website are very different from my products and style. When I try to block them using tags, I can only block up to 3 products. I believe this should be changed, and everyone should be allowed to enable suitable product categories for themselves.
The design is quite weak; it looks like an advertisement on our website. I think the design aspect should be left to us and improved.
I am eagerly awaiting to see if it will generate sales and traffic over the next week. As I mentioned, the app is brilliantly thought out, and I hope it gets even better. I will write my new reviews and give a rating after one week.

Lady Ros
Birleşik Krallık
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