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21. duben 2023

If you run a TikTok shop then this app is a must have.
It makes your life so much easier and efficient.
You will be 100% happy with the customer service, the full automation and integration of this app.
Now saves me lots of time as i no longer covert the order manual from TikTok to Shopify. This allows me to spend more time on building my business.

The Wandering Marketplace
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8. srpen 2023

Customer service was very helpful and made it so much easier to set up my TikTok shop! Having orders connect to our Shopify will also help us manage inventory better so looking forward to using AfterShip for some time :)

Kingdom of Threads
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Datum úprav: 11. červen 2023

So user-friendly. Compared to the other three apps that I tried, this one was heaven sent. I've been at this for hours and I finally tried this one. Smooth process. The instructions are clear.

Elite Wellness Shop
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30. srpen 2023

Akanksha helped me set up my free 30 day trial. So far it's been a good experience, and transferring my products from my shopify store to my tiktok shop has been seamless. I can't wait to check out more feature using this app!

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14. červenec 2023

Thank you for your technical support, which makes our office easier and faster, and solves the function of one-click synchronization of products to the Tiktok store. The after-sales service is very professional and fast.

My Store
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27. červenec 2023

So this is a great app so far and the only app I can find in here that will actually sync products from shopify to tiktok correctly. As well after ship has alot of sales channels and they ve all worked pretty well for me so far.


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5. listopad 2022

So Good!!!!!!
Get it I'm so happy I did.
The team are always happy to help you with any help you may need.
I have most off their apps to run my store.

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8. červen 2023

They were very supportive and helpful right off the bat. Kumar offered a discount to get me started so I can start selling more products. I hope to have a long and fruitful business relationship with them. Syncing products to Tiktok is a very straightforward and simple process and I am impressed with how fast and light the app is.

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Vývojář AfterShip & Automizely odpověděl 8. červen 2023

Thanks for your valuable feedback. We are pleased to know that you are happy with our services.

We are implementing our services, we will be helping you with upgrading the plan at affordable.

It is always nice to understand the requirements of our users so that we can meet their expectations and deliver an engaging experience.

If you need any assistance with the app, please feel free to contact us via the live chat option available on your account or email us at

We will try our best to ensure that your experience with us becomes worth a 5-star rating.

Team AfterShip

6. červen 2023

I've found this app easy to use and sync up to TikTok. I've so far made one tested order and it worked seamlessly. Looking forward to using it more! Excellent customer service from Pooja too, I most appreciated the quick response on the help chat.

Bloom and Blossom
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16. srpen 2023

the support that I got was awesome, and I thank everyone that helped me.I had a problem with some of the products not syncing over from Shopify and she helped me with it

CJM Horizons
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