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10. březen 2024

Very good SEO suite, and responsive and friendly technical support. Be aware that after updating your theme, you will need to republish Avada from the settings menu and check that everything is working via meta tag validators. I had duplicate meta tags, some coming from my Dawn theme and some coming from Avada. If you have this, simply remove the meta-tag render line in your theme.liquid and retest.

Sophellie Jewellery
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16. únor 2024

Emily was helpful and had the assistance of the technicians who will continue to work on my site.

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28. únor 2024

Well, it's different from tinyimg, that's for sure. I had that one before this, but avada is much more affordable. And Esther is a great support person. I'm not very good with this techie stuff and i can be kind of slow. I didn't feel rushed, being totally unsure of what I was doing at some points and when my messages got stuck below the chat, that was slow going. But she made me feel very comfortable. She wasn't impatient or constantly asking me to do what she said. She gave me time to get there. Amazing support! She gets a 5 for support, but i have to give the app a 4 because of my experience before this app.

Novelty Nest T-Shirts
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11. březen 2024

Avada Customer service is up there. Prakash was very kind and helpful. This is just what i needed to better my store experience.

Life 2 Apple
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25. březen 2024

Tony & audrey were very helpful, used ultra viewer and got the job done is a second than left after i said thankyou 100% perfect

Products On Sale Australia
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23. březen 2024

I like the app. Still working through a few issues but a good app..

Eternal Kreations
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Datum úprav: 19. prosinec 2023

I honestly think that this app made my site worse. I saw my mobile page load score go all the way to a 13. Since attempting to have them remove their app from my store I have been seeing gains in site speed. Could be a coincidence, because I have been working my self to death around the clock to fix all the issues. Then there's the chat, really great customer service. Attentive and very helpful. Except that I had requested to downgrade my service prior to the charges they were about to bill and now I have requested 3 times to have my plan downgraded and the code removed and i haven't been able to get anywhere with them.

Update: The customer service team has been fantastic, they have been more than helpful and accommodating my requests.
I am still not certain what made my page load speeds plummet so drastically,but either way, their customer support team is fantastic and helpful, and they all deserve a raise or holiday bonus :) Thank you to Esther and all the other wonderful ladies who helped me with all my needs you are truly appreciated. Happy Holidays!

Dog-E Style Pet Emporium
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26. prosinec 2023

I am absolutely delighted with the outstanding customer service provided by the AVADA SEO team. Having experienced lackluster support from other apps in the past, my encounter with AVADA was nothing short of refreshing and exceptional.

From the moment I reached out with an inquiry, the AVADA SEO team displayed an unparalleled level of responsiveness and efficiency. What sets them apart is their remarkable ability to resolve issues promptly, often within a matter of minutes. This swift and effective problem-solving not only saved me time but also underscored their commitment to customer satisfaction.

I've used various apps in the past, but none have left me as impressed as AVADA. Their dedication to providing top-notch service is truly commendable, and I wholeheartedly recommend AVADA SEO to anyone seeking a reliable and customer-centric solution.

Thank you, AVADA SEO team, for your unwavering commitment to excellence. You've earned a customer for life!

Thread Amigo
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22. leden 2024

Hana did good and helped with the speed of my store website.

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18. leden 2024

The support work greatly and very faster, they solve a problem that i've with the code. Thanks Esther and Maison to be so efficient!

Postura Tech
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