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22. červenec 2023

One annoying feature is that the chat by default sents initial message to customer when he visits a page.
Turning it off, so they don't have notification that automatic message was sent would be perfect.

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Vývojář BestChat odpověděl 27. únor 2024

Appreciate your feedback! We understand your concern and will consider improving this feature to enhance user experience. Have a nice day!

11. duben 2023

I often use various chat software to interact and communicate with potential customers.this app has some good features and functions.

Firstly, the interface of this software is very simple and easy to use, which is very suitable for beginners. Secondly, it provides many useful functions, , which can help me better communicate and interact with customers.
In addition, I have also used another marketing chat app called kamichat, which is also very easy to use.
In short, whether using a competitor or my own developed software, it depends on the specific usage scenarios and needs. I believe that everyone can find the most suitable chat software for themselves and use it to better communicate and interact with customers.

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Vývojář BestChat odpověděl 4. březen 2024

Thank you for sharing your experience and for considering our app!🙌 We're grateful for your feedback and happy to know that you've found value in our software. If you have any questions or need assistance, don't hesitate to reach out.

16. květen 2023

This app is actually really really well made, especially to be completely free with no hidden charges. My only thing is that you can't translate the app text. You can choose from preset translations, but I want to be able to customize all text anywhere on the app. The other thing is that there is no real sync with Shopify data. You can't see what people have in their cart, you can't see order history, you can't do anything with the customer account or Shopify orders. All you can do is see what page they're on and what info they used to self-identify. If it wasn't for those 2 things, it would be the perfect app. But I'm going to uninstall it because I need the other features.

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Vývojář BestChat odpověděl 1. březen 2024

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! We're glad you appreciate the app's quality. We'll definitely consider your feedback about customizing text and syncing with Shopify data for future improvements. If you ever change your mind, we'd love to have you back!