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2 Mart 2024

(free trial testing) - On the first glance, this app seems impressive, but I was a little disappointed when I actually read the contents. The auto internal links cannot distinguish the simple difference between parcel tracking and fitness tracking and continuously uses the same image for 3 different trial posts I managed to generate.

It also cannot distinguish between my brand and products and keeps suggesting my brand and my product as two separate products, and I had to regenerate the blog post about ten times before I got a fix.

The title also does not match the contents as well. It says something on the lines of 5 products recommended, but it doesn't recommend any products at all, or recommends 3 products instead of 5.

If you want a set and forget solution, then this isn't it. If you want to go through 2000+ words and have the time to modify the mistakes, then this would be perfect for you.

One positive thing is the layout is really clean and I like how the content is organized.

I am a little worried I would be editing blogs all day every day and might swap to this if I find the time to do so.

I just wish the overall usefulness of the app is a little bit more polished/smarter. But then again, I understand that this might be the limits of the Ai, rather than the app itself.

If it manages to be a little smarter (like keeping the rules it writes for itself), I would switch to this in a heartbeat.

If there are some settings I am not using correctly, please let me know and I am willing to modify the reviews to suit the results.

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