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8. květen 2024

I find that the support team is excellent in helping and solving any problems I have with BTA, which tends to be often. I find that the app is not very intuitive and causes a lot of back and worth. I hate to admit it, I am not exactly a fan of BTA but it is the best booking application supported by Shopify. There has been improvements slowly over time and that has helped.

The Makehouse Co-op
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 22. květen 2024

We are pleased that you have left us a great review! We have also documented your con with the app, and do hope that our future update will help to address that con for you. Thanks again for your review!

18. březen 2024

This app has the functionality I want but has unexpected problems.

My business provides sewing classes, parties, and camps for kids, teens, and adults. I moved to Shopify from another booking platform. Finding Book That and testing it before I moved platforms was a key reason I moved to Shopify. My experience has been uneven.

The setup was not intuitive, but D'Angelo was very helpful during the process. Once I became familiar with the platform, loading classes was manageable.

However, several technical difficulties have occurred in the last couple of weeks. Parents have repeatedly told me they cannot register on their smartphones. This has led to lost sales, time spent on the phones with customers, and a bad experience for parents who have purchased a sewing party for their child.

One customer called me at the time they were trying to register on their smartphone. I could not replicate the issue they were seeing on their end, but after thirty minutes of troubleshooting, the customer could finally check out on Shopify. Immediately after that order was submitted, I received an email from BTA saying, "This is an automated email from BookThatApp about a problem creating a booking from one of your orders." After receiving the email, I checked in BTA and discovered that, indeed, there was no booking for that customer. I had to create the booking manually. The order captured in Shopify did not have any class information, so if I had not been in communication with the customer, I would not have known I needed to create the booking manually, and the class would have been oversold. I reached out to Support to figure out what had happened. D'Angelo was very polite, but unable to see anything that might have caused the problem. He just said to let them know if it happened again.

Made Stitch Company
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 20. březen 2024

Hi there, thanks for taking the time to leave us a review! We really appreciate it 😊🥳

I'm sorry your customers had trouble booking your products on their smartphones. Our developers are working on revamping the widgets and the app's UX/UI. We intend to improve the widget's functionality on older iOS models and browser versions.

Until then, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us if you need our help!

Thanks again for your review 😊!

10. červenec 2018

Good App for our store but loading problems are regular. the calendar keeps buffering at times and causes problems to process

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5. červenec 2023

Works great, doesn't seem to integrate with Point of sale app so we have to manually add bookings to the calender, which might lead to a double booking.

Coconut Express
Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 8 roky
Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 21. červenec 2023

Hi there,

Thanks for your review! We greatly appreciate your feedback!

Our app does have a Shopify POS integration, which allows you to make your bookings. However the integration doesn't facilitate updates to product or other app settings.

This article can be used as a guide to setup the POS integration ( If you need any assistance with the setup, feel free to reach out to us 🙂!

Kind Regards,
BookThatApp Support

20. červen 2017

A very useful and straightforward app that has all the functionality we need to manage hires and bookings

Never Twice
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Datum úprav: 19. duben 2016

I changed mails with suport team about some technicals problems trying to installed this app on my site. they was very kind to my questions and comments. at the end everything went well and the application works as i need.

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26. září 2018

Nice app for booking classes in (for us) swim, bike, run and yoga. And nice support to get these bookable times to load faster.

Team Snabbare
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Datum úprav: 24. leden 2020

i use this app for my Bounce House Rental business. It makes taking and managing my bookings super easy!!

Party Castles Rental Services Inc.
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2. červenec 2018

We rely on this a great app to book events, classes,appointments...pretty much anything for our retail store.

Easy to customize and schedule anything.

Even though the interface is very intuitive, if I am ever in a jam and can't figure something out, they reply very quickly.

Amuse Toys
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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 4 roky
Datum úprav: 30. říjen 2016

It has a lot to offer, and they are very helpful. My only concerns are when I can't access it as the site is down (seems to be more frequent lately), and I still get the occasional double booking on the site (which they can't seem to re-create/fix), this is infrequent however. When it works it is great. I would appreciate a number that could be called instead of always emailing when there is something I need help with.

Glaze Craze
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