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17. květen 2024

***Editing to make this 5 stars. If the new owners live up to their promises it will be very soon! I'll drop it to 4 if they take too long to make progress**

If you need to book things I'd recommend this app.

While there are some quirks with it it gets the job done.

Some things could be more intuitive (like using resources) and other things that can cause issues are not apparent or documented.

For example, if you change the date or time of a class (and not the individual booking too) it can/will get overbooked. Also, the enrollment report for the original time disappears. "Any changes made to a class or scheduled event must also be made to the existing bookings. If the bookings do not align with the event (time/date), then those bookings won't be included in an enrollment report, because they "don't exist for the event" as far as the app knows." We often have 40+ people enrolled. Moving each individually if we have to reschedule a class is very time-consuming and inefficient.

Some missing features would make this a 5-star app, like having class passes for drop-in offerings like yoga. Also would like to be able to export an entire report. Currently, only the data that fits on the page is exported. For long reports, you have to export each page individually.

This app was acquired recently and I'm feeling good about the new team. Support previously was very condescending and not very personable. Folks I've been in contact with recently are much more helpful.

There are also hidden functionalities of the app that aren’t documented. The new owners have said they are finding them and planning to address them as they go along.

They seem to be planning new features and I was also told that are working on the UI which I am looking forward to.

Natural Resources: Pregnancy + Parenting
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 22. květen 2024

Thank you for your review! We have documented your points, and we do look forward to your discussion with our MD. Have a terrific day!

28. květen 2024

The only app int he market suitable for product rental (and for many other types of appointments but I speak about what I do) the are continuously developing new features and have a pretty solid customer support to help you with almost anything. Been using BTA for almost 3 years now and it is a nice solution for renting products allowing for multiple customisation and configuration that other apps does not.
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 29. květen 2024


Your review means a lot to us. Thank you for taking the time to leave us a great review!

30. duben 2024

It's the best there is for booking software on Shopify. It is honestly not very intuitive and involves a lot of back and forth - particularly with operating hours and resource management - but overall it works very well, and the support team is fast and helpful when we can't figure things out.

Wild Rock Outfitters
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 9. květen 2024


Thank you for taking your time to leave an awesome review for us!

7. červen 2024

Outstanding customer service from João R. Every time I have an issue, we always find a solution. Keep up the great work!

UK Beauty Schools
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30. květen 2024

We use BTA to schedule classes for our yarn shop. It's very easy to use, but if we ever have questions, their support is second to none! Highly recommend!

Hill Country Weavers
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21. březen 2024

We have been using BTA for appox 3 years for our onsite Cooking Classes - While the app has been solid and easy to use - the customer support is without a doubt the best team I have ever experienced. We are always able to connect via chat immediately and the support we get goes above and beyond our expectations.
Most recently Joao quickly resolved an issue we were having and then took the time to add a function for our store that enables us to increase bookings. This was something that we had been struggling with for a while and he created a solution for us that is a game changer! We have worked with Joao, D'Angelo and the rest of the team no matter who you get on chat - they are smart, extremely helpful and pleasent. Thank you for building a team that truly helps businesses thrive.

Babylon Mercantile
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 22. březen 2024

Hi 👋, we are glad you are happy with our support team! And thank you for your awesome review! We appreciate you 😊🎉

8. květen 2024

Outstanding support! The team is always so responsive and helpful to the many questions we have. If there's ever any issues they fix it. It's been a massive upgrade from the previous booking system. The ability to see images when hovering makes it easy when grabbing products for our dress hire rental store. Thank you João and D'Angelo!!

Eastend Wardrobe
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 22. květen 2024

Thank you for your awesome review! We appreciate you taking the time to leave us one!

14. březen 2024

We use this app for selling classes for which it works very well. Whenever I have had problems getting something set up, the customer support has been excellent and quick to reply, even helping when the issue has been on the Shopify side.

We have accommodations on the same site and I did have to make a work around when we wanted to vary room rates between weekends and weekdays (solution: price at $0 and invoice manually after booking or 52 create manual discounts in Shopify every year) but this is for a small side business and it is a big ask to expect any one app to fulfill all needs.

Threads of Life Studio
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 19. březen 2024

Thank you for your awesome review! You gave us a reason to celebrate!


22. květen 2024

The features are pretty comprehensive and are exactly what we're looking for. Support by D'Angelo, who is almost always available, is top notch. He deserves a raise for sure as he definitely stands out amongst other support agents. The setup requires a bit of tweaking in order to make everything look good. Availability of API is valuable, but does require quite a huge jump in monthly subscription charge. Other than this last point, we have no complaints.

Access Point Marine Services / Powell River First Aid & Safety Training
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 29. květen 2024


On behalf of D'Angelo, thank you for your awesome review! You rock!

28. květen 2024

BTA truly has the best customer service. They are so quick and communicative anytime I need something shifted internally.

Brooklyn Craft Company
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Vývojář BTA Commerce, Inc. odpověděl 29. květen 2024


We are glad to hear that you are happy with our app! Thank you for your awesome review!