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22. prosinec 2023

Fantastic app and outstanding support! We're on the free plan as we really have no use for the integration w/ Paypal, but if we had, the monthly fee is totally well worth it! While not on the paid plans, Steve has been truly helpful and responsive still! When we recently needed Steve's help to check on some settings, he replied immediately and offered his assistance unconditionally and so we were able to quickly resume using the app! Our whole-hearted recommendation to anyone looking for a simple yet powerful fulfillment app backed by outstanding support! Two-thumbs up!

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16. červen 2024

Very good!

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16. červen 2024


Andre Brush
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21. březen 2024

Good App.

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20. listopad 2023

Great app, does exactly what I need it to. User interface is also very easy to follow, I had no issues at all with the app. Just follow the template provided for uploading orders and it works perfectly. 10/10 for a free app and I hope it stays that way!

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18. červenec 2023

Great free app alternative for Massfulfill which recently discontinued suddenly...
I compared with another bulk fulfill app but this one is much simple to use and better.
If I may request,
- Would like to have a freedom to upload with own format of column names and then tie to each necessary columns
- Would like to have upload history or copy of email for traceability purpose

SoCalization Inc
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18. září 2023

It is a great app which makes fulfillments incredibly quickly. Also, great customer support; thank you so much!

London Grocery
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1. prosinec 2023

The first time it worked fine but the last time an error occurred. Orders fulfilled using this app will mark the order as fulfilled but will be deleted or without tracking, causing confusion for customers. I'm looking for better app.

Wonder Skull
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Vývojář Upatra odpověděl 3. prosinec 2023

Sorry for your inconvenience, to fulfill the order with the tracking number, you can use Create Fulfillment option, which will add/assign the tracking number to the relevant order.

Using Mark Order as Fulfll will simulate the action mark fulfill in Shopify without any tracking number.

17. říjen 2023

This app is simply great. It does what it's supposed to! Fulfillment is now a smooth and quick process (this app is an incredible time saver). Support from Steve is great. I totally recommend this App.

auro floral stories
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26. říjen 2023

Absolutely love this. Made my life so much easier.

Custom Sprayed Edges
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