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21. březen 2024

Good App.

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22. prosinec 2023

Fantastic app and outstanding support! We're on the free plan as we really have no use for the integration w/ Paypal, but if we had, the monthly fee is totally well worth it! While not on the paid plans, Steve has been truly helpful and responsive still! When we recently needed Steve's help to check on some settings, he replied immediately and offered his assistance unconditionally and so we were able to quickly resume using the app! Our whole-hearted recommendation to anyone looking for a simple yet powerful fulfillment app backed by outstanding support! Two-thumbs up!

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30. červenec 2020

The best and simplest application, very efficient processing of orders, great application, thanks for the free service

Zero Breeze®
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27. duben 2020

This app save our lives! Thanks for this! It is such a useful app when our orders are few hundreds, we can't do the manual update.

Annabella Patisserie Macarons
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12. květen 2020

Thank you for free and simple app! It helps to save a lot of our time :)

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2. prosinec 2020

Once sales start to pick in your shop up posting order tracking numbers can be a nightmare. You may even feel that you don't want to sell so much... crazy ha?
Enter Bulk Fulfillment, with a few clicks you can upload a CSV and all tracking numbers update for each order in a second. No typos, no time lost. Did I mention it's free?
It would be great if the app could integrate with Zapier or Integromat for full automation.

Angelitos Mágicos
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1. září 2020

I'm using this app to update massive tracking when delivery to customers, saving a lot of my time, instead of doing it manually. That's great and works very well.

Seasons by Macabla
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14. březen 2022

Useful application for fast fulfillment. We use it every day for order fulfillment in our mastic shop.
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18. září 2023

It is a great app which makes fulfillments incredibly quickly. Also, great customer support; thank you so much!

London Grocery
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12. říjen 2023


Jižní Korea
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