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8. duben 2024

Very good app! I'm not going to say perfect because there is always some way for innovation, But you will almost always find a way to do what you need to do. Customer service is great too!

Too Twee
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27. březen 2024

The ability to make bulk edits with this app has greatly improved our workflow and productivity. Have not run into any issues with functionality and edits are done reliably and without errors. If an action is done by accident, it is easy to revert that action.

Only minor gripe is that some times starting a bulk edit can take a bit longer than we like, however with all the benefits this app has provided, it saves way more time than the edit queue times add.

Battle Garage Racing Service
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20. únor 2024

Super easy to use to export and import any fields. Also has a revert feature, that can undo any actions right away, very nice to do that when you make big imports that affect many SKUs

City Threads USA
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23. únor 2024

Essential app with features that save a lot of time and that otherwise would be almost unthinkable to do manually. More and more glad to have found this app. Kind and prepared customer assistance, ready to help also to who, like me, it's not an expert and need help also for the more easy things. Thank you!

Filippo Fanti Photography Art
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7. duben 2024

FINALLY, an app that does exactly what is advertised AND THEN SOME, without annoying bugs, and endless support tickets. Theis app saved us hundreds of hours of work!!! Thank you HEXTOM ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Twisted Swag, Inc.
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9. únor 2024

By Far the best app on Shopify-Saves you heaps of work-Just Love It.

New Rock Australia
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7. duben 2024

Makes my life a lot easier, love Hextom's apps they are a great time saver

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5. únor 2024

Great app! Ran into an issue needed support live chat had it all fixed up in 5 minutes!

Large Lad Clothing
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1. březen 2024

I am not using it for very long, but in this short time it is making already a massive difference on how we can manage our store. The platform seems to be extremely stable, which is of course important with editing products. I keep on discovering more and more functionalities: Being able to adjust prices for only a single collection in a specific market is one of these things, pretty amazing I must say! I will be updating this review when I used it a bit longer.

Barista och Espresso
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21. březen 2024

Perfect app... Every Shopify seller, you have use this app for bulk editr

SamiArtGallery Wall Art Print Shop
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