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11. prosinec 2021

WOOOOW!! You don't realize how much you need a tool until you go looking for one that will help you do what you need it to do! Hope that made sense! Just saved easily hours being able to change prices in a few mouse clicks!

Black Flour Apparel Co.
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6. listopad 2019

Great app, easy to use - BUT $10 for 10 edits? Come on. 5 of those were me learning how to use it.

Overpriced. Use GetVela for free instead

Case & Covered
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Datum úprav: 11. červen 2017

hmm. Im still looking for a proper product editor.
all we get from shopify and oberlo is junk.
I feel like Im the slave on their fancy boat,
tagging/filtering/sorting manually.

well... this app suppose to reduce manual work... well... sort off.
its unbelievable how much crap we get in the description of a product,
and with this Bulk product edit, it does make it just a tiny bit easier , but defenitly not worth the money, unless it falls right into your style of managing your product.

i found out that after using all the filters i still get products i wanna get off the list,
and it doesnt let me do it manually . (well, i dont realy manuals, so maybe there is some magic button, which i dont know, but hmm as long as it not obvious - it a fault interface/work flow design .

oh and the collections doesnt update,when you add a collection. yay.

can any1 do a proper product editor please please please please ???

Golf King Shop
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Datum úprav: 12. říjen 2018

Gets the job done, but the limit of 10 edits, so effective app uses, per month is a joke for 10$.
Other than that it's a good app.

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23. červen 2017

It's a bit of a logic exercise, but in the first 5 minutes of use it saved me about 4 hours of work.

Seed Balls Com
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28. září 2017

Looks Great. Hope it will work as desired.

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10. červenec 2018

very easy to use but it's expensive if you need to edit a lot of things

Del Valle Accessory
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29. květen 2022

Interface is cumbersome to use. Instead of having a simple spreadsheet like interface, you have to query a database using filters, then apply a single change across all products that meet your search filter. Who wants to bulk edit like this, especially when updating inventory?

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2. březen 2019

My store is for fashion trends and a bulk editor can be very useful. I was using the basic price ($19.99). This app overall is pretty descent but could use a better description tool so you can edit fonts better for bulk edits.

Threadz Depot
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6. březen 2017

Great App, but after getting it realised I do not need it yet, Store is at the early stage. Will get further down the line, thank you

Retro T Shirt Hub
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