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9. prosinec 2022

super buggy app, filter system sometime doesn't work. Bulk editing keeps getting stuck in the queue. Good idea but the app is to buggy to work.
Better to try something else

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16. březen 2023

I treid the app between me and my assistant and it brought more problems than solutions. The bulk app decised to put 3 times higher in prices and even that we tried we couldnt fix it so we are going back to manual mode

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30. červen 2021

The app can take over ten minutes to actually do a process, which when every second count, is not acceptable.

Conrads College Gifts
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11. únor 2021

This app was not worth the 49.99 I was paying monthly when I need to alter any variations on my shop it would take days to complete when there answers state a few hours for how many products I had. As well as once it was finally complete the photos of the items on my previous orders before the update would be deleted. I would recommend to do a lot of updates to this app to make it worth the cost of the programs.

Bad Stitches Club
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27. květen 2020

Great app, disappointed that I can't update SEO and Google Shopping fields via CSV import. This should be a given...

Klade Children's Boutique
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7. únor 2018

Please consider adding these below features ASAP, lacking of these below features is seriously making my job very difficult to creating maintaining edit jobs very difficult.

- I should be able to edit my previously created jobs, change filter conditions, edit parameters, change schedule
- I need to schedule a job to run at multiple time/schedule
- Should have nested AND , OR filter criteria.
- Group multiple jobs under one group and can custom name the group.


Gethuda Co
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26. červen 2018

A very useful tool, that helps without having to export/import products to csv.
However recently they have launched volume pricing.
For stores that have many product variations, it would cost 70-150 USD monthly.
That's not a reasonable price for this functionality.
You guys have to review your pricing model....

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5. květen 2018

I don't think works most of the time, especially when I try to change something within the description.

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28. prosinec 2016

Could never get it to edit all of the products. Did it wrong several times. 14.99 down the drain.

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23. listopad 2017

Worked wonderfully at first, but after several uses it just stopped working at all for any editing.

Howies Hot Deals
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