BYOB ‑ Build Your Own Bundle

BYOB ‑ Build Your Own Bundle

od SillyCube Technology Ltd.

Let Customers Build Custom Bundles. Sell More Items. Boost AOV

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Bundles as Standalone Products

Bundles are shown as virtual products with our custom templates. You can put bundles to collections or the home page.

Group Multiple Products as One

Checkout as a single product. Break down to individual line items after order is paid. Stack bundle discount + discount code.

Easy to Use

1-click Installation without playing with code snippets. Customize design with plenty of theme editor options

Podrobnosti o BYOB ‑ Build Your Own Bundle

Want to offer customized product bundles built by customers? Looking for build-a-box? Drive sales with big packs? BYOB is here to help!

Since its launch in April 2021, > 4,000 orders have been generated by our merchants!

What is BYOB?

BYOB helps you to create customizable bundles. Let's say, you want to offer:

  • Select any 3 products from collection A. Pay for a discounted price, say $100.

  • Select Any 1 product in collection A AND Any 1 product in collection B. Customers will get a 10% off discount.

  • Mix and Match 4-pack, 6-pack, 8-pack with NO discount

The bundle is shown as a STANDALONE product under collection(s). Please take a look at the example URL

Who is it for?

If you are offering a wide selection of products and your customers want to pick and mix, BYOB is suitable for you.

How it works?

3 steps (SAP):

  1. SELECT - Create a bundle. This bundle will use our special template to display many products at once
  2. ADD - When a customer adds the selected products to the cart, BYOB will generate a variant and place it into the cart.
  3. PAY - After checkout, BYOB will convert the order back into individual products (SKU) so your inventory keeps in sync.


  1. Offer bundle discount with % discount, fixed price or fixed-amount off discount
  2. A custom product template to build bundles from multiple products
  3. Edit design in the theme editor to match with your brand (~30 options!)
  4. Adjust price with variants
  5. Show bundle as a single line item on the cart page
  6. Show individual items in orders. Keep inventory in sync
  7. Auto-scroll activated for multiple collections
  8. Sticky footer to store selected items
  9. Add a note
  10. Change translation

How BYOB is different from the others?

  • Support discount codes/auto discount
  • No liquid change is required. Good for merchants & developers.
  • Add individual items to orders. Good for inventory tracking
  • Mobile-Friendly


Can I set it up easily? I can’t code

Yes, you can set it up in a minute. Just click the install app button and follow our instructions. Contact us if your theme is not supported

Can it support subscription?

No, BYOB cannot support subscription and integrate with related apps yet

Can I ask you some questions?

Yes, just contact Benny via the support email. My timezone is UTC +8:00 / HKT

Me: What are you waiting for?

Try BYOB now. Get your first sale before you pay me!

Build customizable kits now. It's a good alternative for Product Bundles, Bundle Builder & Bundable. If you're thinking of BFCM campaign, bundle deals may be a great idea!

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  • 30 orders generated by BYOB
  • 3 bundles
  • For Development & Testing



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  • Unlimited bundles
  • Add a note
  • Basic support
  • ...and more!



  • 300 orders generated by BYOB
  • Unlimited bundles
  • Add a note
  • Basic support
  • ...and more!



  • 900 orders generated by BYOB
  • Unlimited bundles
  • Add a note
  • Basic support
  • ...and more!

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** Opakované platby, včetně měsíčních poplatků nebo poplatků za použití, se fakturují jednou za 30 dnů.

4.9 z pěti hvězd

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Glisten Cosmetics

After my old bundle builder stopped working as well as it used to I was back on the App market. I needed a bundle builder that allowed discounts... these are very hard to find! The set up for this is SO EASY. Benny was on hand for my questions and we are going to work together to get the builder working the best for my website. Great app.


Great app, amazing customer service, Benny is always there to help and always replies. I hope the app keeps growing

Rocket Car Shop

We Love this Bundle App. Its work very well and the support is very fast. Creating the bundle is very clear and easy.

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6. říjen 2021

Thank you for your review! Looking forward to seeing your orders.