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9 Haziran 2023

They charge a crazy amount and have very limited scents. Ordered a test candle and it was terrible wick was out of place and has almost no scent. Its also super small for how much it cost and the price I'd have to sell it at would cause a lot of issues with customers. Thankfully I ordered a test one to see the full price shipping time and product first before going forward.

Scented Serenade
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Candle Builders, LLC yanıt 13 Temmuz 2023

Hello and thank you so much for taking the time to write feedback. We would like to address each comment to help provide some clarity. First, our sincere apologies that you received a candle and the wick was not centered. We are happy to send a new candle if you'd like. Please send an email to Also, We are sorry that you feel we charge a crazy amount for each candle. We find that we are VERY competitive and feedback from our sellers indicate that as well. We offer 7 scents year round; which is a broad range to cover both seasonal and staple scents. Please share what scent you were hoping for and we will add it to a list for future consideration. Lastly, we charge $7 or $8 flat rate (depending on the candle size) for a single candle unit. As costs continue to rise with carriers we always look for more cost effective shipping options. We are proud that we have not raised prices in 3 years albeit the rising costs with carriers. Your feedback is important to us and we will continue to improve quality and cost efficiencies as we grow. Thank You.

14 Ocak 2023

I liked their product, but they said they won't send replacement for items lost by shipping carrier. As far as I know it should be their duty to ensure the item gets delivered to the customer.

As a seller myself, I issue refund or ship replacement if shipping carrier loses my customer's order. It's some basic thing that should be provided.

I have used hundred's of POD suppliers and each one of them provide this service.

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Candle Builders, LLC yanıt 13 Temmuz 2023

Thanks for the note here. I am sorry you left our email conversation with this impression. I think there was some confusion in our communication. We will ALWAYS send a replacement candle to the customer for lost in transit items or items that are received damaged. If you believed otherwise, our sincere apologies.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to if you have any additional questions. Thank you!