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14. duben 2024

It's so close to being good that it's bad. This doesn't do what you think it does, it almost does it but you'll be left disappointed and cleaning up a hell of a mess. This app ONLY imports listings from eBay to Shopify. It cannot ACCURATELY keep up with inventory once the item is on Shopify. We ended up having countless products that were SOLD still in our inventory which impacted sales, customer service, and SEO. Seeing as this app charges a significant amount for "seamless product syncing" you'd think that it would be seamless, not full of cracks for products to slip through.

Customer service is a joke. I've managed to get in contact with them a handful of times and they've only ever resolved an issue ONCE. The resolution to that was temporary and didn't last. This app has been nothing but a headache and I cannot see a single use case in which this is the best answer to your problems.

The straw that broke the camels back - with this latest issue I finally got in touch with customer support. They're demanding I pay them additional money to get the app working even though I only have five products active on my store. Done with this, don't waste your time.

Get New Seats
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20. duben 2024

Probably the worst support and the worst application you can use, STAY AWAY FROM IT!!

It's been 2 months that EVERYDAY I need to communicate with their team because it doesn't properly sync with Ebay.

I'm left on "seen" messages and every time I request for their to fix it (again and again), it takes 48-72h every time.

How do you want us to make sales and have a functioning store if this application which is ESSENTIAL is never properly working?


Texas JDM Motors
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14. květen 2024

They charged me even though i installed the app and sent them an email to cancel the subscription. Shady business

Corsaro Music
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21. březen 2024

You want poor customer support that you cant understand because they are Indian and dont give 2 craps about you then sign up.
I hope your company goes under.


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21. březen 2024

Absolute scam, it's mind blowing, I just have to leave a review to warn others. There is no way these glowing 5 star reviews are real. I purchased credits to import listings and never got access to actually start the import. I contacted support multiple times, the live support couldn't help and always said the right department will contact me with a solution. Never heard from anyone. I asked for a refund and the live support kept me for more than an hour just dodging my request, asking me to send screenshots of the invoice, to wait, asking what product, who did I talk to ect and at the end said they can't help me and someone will reach out for the refund. I receive an email from yet another person and they engaged in the same dodging, when I made it clear that I need my refund, they stopped answering and never issued anything. Pure scam and will be reported to Shopify. Don't believe the fake reviews, trust me.

Bash Bliss
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Datum úprav: 19. březen 2024

This is an immoral company without customer support or integrity. I downloaded the App for my Shopify store to work with Ebay / shopify synch and import of my 1600 or so skus. Once downloaded, I had issues bringing over all my skus to shopify. I reached out for support and was told this app would not help with what I was looking for, I needed CEDCommerce Importer, not CEDCommerce Integration. My bad. I uninstalled, downloaded the other app to continue to get the result I needed.

I asked for the $300 "year in advance" fee charge they charged me for the 30 minutes I demo'd their software, that I could not use to fulfil my needs. They declined. I asked them to reconsider, they ignored my second request and days later now, have not responded. This is criminal.

I will be taking this up with Shopify next and to social media. And I will now, not be using their other software to support my store, so they have now lost perpetual business from me each year, they risk reputation and review, and possible action from Shopify, all to steal and keep $300. Desperate and crooked. AVOID AVOID AVOID, poisonous people.

Update - As of 3/19 Unresolved. Also, calling their 24/7 support number listed 888-882-0953, the number is unresponsive after several tries, just rings and rings, no one picks up, no message service, so more fraud.

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22. listopad 2023

Great app for importing products to shopify

Rytech PNW
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21. srpen 2023

Avoid using this app - absolutely no customer service response. Contacted on 18th August to report an error in their app whereby they took payment, but I have yet to receive credits applied to my account. I am disputing the transaction with my bank to get my payment returned.

Kalloway Design
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15. srpen 2019

The best thing about Omni Importer is the support! Seriously. They have an outstanding team of people round the clock ready to help in any way. I'd love to see a few features added, but without a doubt, the customer support available with Omni had enabled us to upload all our Amazon listings to Shopify in the easiest way possible. It's also great for adding additional listings at any time. I am thrilled with Omni!

The Outlet
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Datum úprav: 2. listopad 2021

I use this app to import my Etsy listings to shopify and it is user friendly and the customer service was very helpful. Definetly recommend! Great customer service and user friendly. Highly recommend!

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