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4 januari 2023


I used this app for about an hour and it has a lot of work. I would not recommend it. You can also look on their reviews and see most of them are not from this country and are probably fake.

-Not easy to implement like they say
-Make you pay 29.99 per store for basic features
-no ability to really customize

Nasa Depot
Verenigde Staten
4 maanden gebruiken de app
Channel Corp. heeft geantwoord 5 januari 2023

Thank you for your review!

We are sorry to hear that you weren't satisfied with

To clarify some of the points you made:
-We're a global start-up and thankfully ranked #1 in Korea and Japan! That is why you see reviews from different countries. :)
-Store owners can create multiple channels, and each channel is considered separate entities due to privacy and security reasons (For example, we do not mix the data between 2 different stores.)
-Our platform offers an introductory tutorial that our customers follow along to set up, but if you're personally having a hard time, we can have an AM assist you.
-Our most basic features like the live chat and team chat are unlimited and free, but if there's a paid feature you needed more information on, we can walk through our paid plans in detail.

We do update our service frequently to help you engage with your loyal customers and grow a successful business.

If you have further feedback or need assistance, we'd love to hear from you.

2 januari 2024

4 maanden gebruiken de app