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Datum úprav: 5. říjen 2020

Initially, the set up was smooth and some customisations were made to make the app install correctly. However, a couple of inexplicable errors continued to occur at the crucial checkout stage which meant multiple sales did not go through. After a number of requests to fix the issue, nothing was fixed and a number of clients lost trust in our website process, I was left with no other option but to delete the app.

Live Décor
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12. únor 2020

This app was working fine for awhile, but stopped functioning correctly. I contacted customer service and gave them access to the site. That was the last we heard from them? Customer service is terrible I would not recommend this developer or the apps they create.

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21. červen 2018

Terrible. Poor customer service (sent multiple emails with no response.) and now I am getting errors on my site when people place orders. And when I deleted the app, their checkout page is still up on my site - I guess I have to go into the code to remove it. I'm loosing business because of this and highly annoyed!!

Tonle Wholesale
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Vývojář Buddy Apps odpověděl 30. květen 2019

Hi There, We're very sorry to hear that you've run into an issue. I understand that it took some time to resolve the issue and I deeply apologize for that.

We are still trying to reach out to you to resolve all the concerns but there is no response we get from your end. I hope everything is working fine our your store now. If still, you have any concerns, please feel free to reach out to us :)

21. duben 2023

I installed this app on 4/18. Upon installing the app I noticed how the grammar and spelling errors throughout lend to confusion on what needs to go into a given field. The way it’s worded could mean a few different things. Next, I saw that you need to edit and paste code into a line to get payment methods to show up, in my case a net30 pay later. It gives a screen shot of where the code needs to be pasted, but that section doesn’t exist in my code. I’m not sure if it’s a theme issue, or if instructions were written prior to an update, but I cannot paste the code where it tells me. I emailed support the same day, 4/18, and I never heard back from the developer. They only give a 4-day free trial, so here I am at full 4 days and no response. I’m uninstalling the app since I’ve received no customer service whatsoever, and I’m definitely not paying $10 just to see if it might work for our needs when I can’t get any support response.
Beyond that, I suggest you have someone go over your app and fix all the confusing grammar, and the spelling mistakes so at least it looks more professional and is less confusing. I’d also recommend more than a 4-day free trial. Standard seems to be 7-14 days. If I had a week or two maybe we could've gotten somewhere.

Decorus Art
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Vývojář Buddy Apps odpověděl 21. duben 2023

Hi There, My apologies for the inconvenience you faced. I am not sure if we received email from you. May be it could have stuck in between. Is it possible to drop us an email at We will definitely try to help you on priority. Looking forward to hearing from you.