Let shoppers reach you easily

Chat is the preferred way for online shoppers to reach you. Answer questions, make recommendations, and provide a better buying experience.

Turn traffic into sales

Shoppers who chat with a brand are more likely to make a purchase. Use chat to help them make purchases with confidence.

Automate customer order lookup

Questions about order status are common. Save time with an automated response that provides customers with order status and tracking link.

Shopify Chatの詳細情報

Messages are managed in Shopify Ping, which is available on your desktop and mobile devices.

Shopify Chat is a free sales channel that gives customers a seamless way to reach out to you while they shop. It does this by adding a customizable live chat button to your online store.

Once Shopify Chat and Ping are set up, you can manage customer conversations, make product recommendations, and share custom discounts to shoppers right inside your chat conversations with only a few taps.

To be sure you have a way to follow up with customers, Shopify Chat asks customers to provide a phone number or email address in order to start the chat. This allows you to respond even after they leave your online store. Their info will be added to your Customers list in Shopify or matched to an existing customer.

With Ping and Shopify Chat you can:

  • Add and customize a chat button on your online store
  • Respond to customers in real-time while they’re at your store
  • Make product recommendations and share discounts and new orders in chat
  • Give customers a way to automatically get their order status
  • Capture contact information for new customers to help build your customer list
  • Track Shopify sales using your sales channel overview and Analytics pages

Eligibility requirements:

  • To use Shopify Chat you must have an online store with Shopify
  • You must use Shopify Ping on your desktop (shopifyping.com) or install it on an iOS, iPadOS, or Android device to receive and respond to messages


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for now everything is good. thank you for be next to us! we never alone ! I really Appreciate it! arnouxbrand.com

Bem&star Essencial

When?????????? will the Desktop and Android app be able to do the same as the iOS version? This is ridiculous to have such a disparity in these 2 platforms. You guys said in September that its near! But we cant hold our breaths with you guys, its always AGES before anything that is a BASIC FEATURE gets done! Like setting away hours and saved replies! You dont seem to do anything with the feedback you receive which is very sad.

Breeeazy Love Shop

Very easy to use for beginner and expert level computer users. I just installed so I will come back for a follow-up review. I like that this had very few steps as the app and site worked together in the background to limit how much I had to figure things out which is great for a business owner of two different businesses always on the go.