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Chatra — Live Chat & Chatbot , 643件のレビュー

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  • 評価の5%は4つ星です
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The product has amazing potential, but the SW is not fully functional and has quite a few glitches that are confusing or upsetting customers. IE - the programmed triggers don't adhere to the master business hour schedule and often times I get chat messages from my other agents. Also, the desktop and mobile do not communicate properly. IE - you have to be logged onto both at a time, which makes a lot of system delays and overkill on having too many agents on one call.
Good plans, smart company, but the software is not ready for a large business with a lot of traffic.

Nicora J

The idea behind it is wonderful. Easy to set up and defintiely useful. However my staff complained that when we are online, it suddenly goes offline in the middle of chatting. Also we are online, but sometimes it appears we aren't and our customers have to send us an offline message instead.

I would wait for them to fix all these problems before installing at it gives us more problems than when we didn't have a live chat function.

Also, tried to uninstall from the dashboard, can't. Needed to go into my theme to edit the html and for someone who isn't savvy with code, this is a hassel.


This app has really great features..I paid for the subscription-I really liked the information the app provided about live customers (location, IP, pages they were on) The whole point is so that you could interact with live shoppers- try to recover abandoned carts- etc..However, this app is so inconsistent with being able to identify when a customer is live on your website I couldn't take it anymore. I reached out to customer service twice about but all they can say is it's their "alogorithms"? That is completely unacceptable answer esp. since I am paying $19/mo for this feature! To give you an example-One time I had over 59 live customers and Chatra only notified me of 8-10 in an entire give day. 2 had abandoned carts which I was not able to address live with the customer because Chatra did not even notify me of anyone being on my website!?? This happens daily. I just got so fed up with it. Also, the desktop and mobile do not communicate properly-one says there is someone online -they other says no one is online..What the? This app could really be awesome! Chatra..get your alogorthim fixed and I will come back. For now, not worth the money for an app that does not live up to its claims.


App is very slow to notify of new customers visiting site and locations of customers is incorrect by far.

Steven Dockman