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9 Eylül 2022

Pretty good and getting better. Support from CIN7 has improved out of sight in last 6 months. Reliability is much better with the synch function much improved. Would suggest images from Shopify are imported and synched automatically into CIN7 to use as product imagery

The Critical Slide Society
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21 Temmuz 2022

Pros: Systems integrate well together, you don't encounter many issues. A great system to manage your inventory, especially doe small businesses. Cons: When you do encounter an issue, their service team can take weeks to get back to you and get the issue resolved.

Vapo Australia
Yeni Zelanda
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16 Ağustos 2022

We use cin7 app to manage inventory and orders on 3 Shopify stores. When it works it’s brilliant, some bugs on this integration still requiring fixing. Support is generally responsive but and offer workaround solutions if immediate solutions aren’t possible.

Podlyfe New Zealand: Vape NZ
Yeni Zelanda
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