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27. říjen 2019

They don't provide a UI to directly download invoices for bookkeeping.
my emails for invoices ended up ignored without answers.
I ended up removing the app since I can't continue with this low-quality support.

Carbon Fiber 365
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Vývojář Cover Genius odpověděl 28. říjen 2019

At Clyde, we take feedback very seriously. Clyde has invested improvements to ensure we provide efficient access to support agents by contacting, with a SLA response of 1 business day. Our product is constantly evolving, and we now enable our retailers to automatically access their Invoices and Reconciliation files directly through our Dashboard.

21. červenec 2022

I think Clyde has one of the most promising warranty management plug-in. However, at the moment I am frustrated with the apps because of these reasons in order of sequence:- 1. (Poor customer service) The support team is not responsive at all. I sent 5 emails at 3 different times and none of them were replied unless when I change my password which usually done by a bot. 2. Clyde is only available for US customers 3. After setting up payment process through micro-deposit, I was expecting the warranty to show up in my product page but it isn't and still pending until today. The only reason I wrote this review is due to #1 and I hope they will reply to my email as soon as possible so I can revise my review. I hope somebody from their team will take quick action and reach me out as fast as possible. Otherwise, I wouldn't recommend this apps if the customer service is so poor.

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Vývojář Cover Genius odpověděl 26. červenec 2022

Thank you for your feedback and sorry to hear that things are not going as you expected — that doesn't sound like us! Based on a quick review of your account history, it looks like our support team has been in touch with you after you installed our app and you're progressing through your onboarding experience. At this time, we are able to offer plans to your customers based in the US and Canada, but we'll be sure to be in touch once we are able to expand into other regions! Should any stones be left unturned at this time please reach out to us at and a member of the team will get back to you within 2 hours.

27. červen 2020

they aren't accepting new accounts for 6 months. Something they don't tell you unless you reach out to the support team after wasting hours of your time trying to install and integrate the app.

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Vývojář Cover Genius odpověděl 16. únor 2021

At Clyde, we take feedback very seriously. Clyde has invested improvements to ensure we provide efficient access to our team and proactive support. All merchants now receive a personal follow-up from our Sales team within 1 business day after installation of our application to ensure eligibility and coverage compatibility. Have a question? Contact

25. srpen 2019

I really wanted to offer extended warranty for my products. Unfortunately, it was not a match made in heaven. Given my lower price point for the niche and focusing only on mobile audience market, as soon as I launched, my conversion dropped completely and upon deleting the product, the sales picked up again. YMMV. Personally, I always purchase these warranties and benefited from it. But my target audience see otherwise.

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13. duben 2023

It's just trash. I am building a drop shipping furniture store and whoever they are sent me a reply saying that I am not a good fit. TRASH!!!
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