COD Order Confirmation

COD Order Confirmation

od Softpulse Infotech

For India | Verify COD Orders by IVR Call, SMS or OTP

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Auto Order Confirmation

Auto order confirmation via IVR Phone call, SMS & OTP for Cash on Delivery (COD) orders.

Reduce return ratio & cost

Reduce product return ratio and save your valuable time for unnecessary shipments because of fake/dummy orders.

Easy to manage

Tags for filter and process orders easily.

Podrobnosti o COD Order Confirmation

Are you frustrated because of unwanted, fake & fraud COD orders ?

If Yes, then this app is for you. COD Order Confirmation​ app will help you to reduce​ product return ratio from fake/dummy orders.

Orders with cash on delivery mode has maximum chance of RTO and to reduce such unexpected returns, order verification with IVR call, SMS or OTP will be a good step.

App contains 3 different modes:

  1. IVR Call
  2. SMS
  3. OTP

1. IVR Call

Customer will receive the IVR call. This IVR message is customizable in the application. You can have your own message.

2. SMS

SMS will be sent with a link with which customer will be able to open the Order summary and take required action in order to confirm or cancel the order. Also there can be couple of other options like - Call to store owner and Request for a callback.

3. OTP

Upon placing the COD order, customer will see a box/widget on thank you page to enter the OTP and confirm the order.

How this app works ?

Once you install the app successfully, App will start working for you automatically. Though you can change settings as per your need. And app works based on the mode you've enabled, as explained below.

If IVR Call mode enabled,

  • Whenever customer places a COD (Cash On Delivery) order on your store, App immediately call customer on given mobile number and IVR will be played for Order Confirmation. And ask for an input to approve or reject the order.
  • Customer will give an input and app will mark particular order with action taken by customer
  • In case of customer will not receive call or reject the call, order verification will be marked as Pending, so that you can take manual action on the same.
  • If you enabled Reattempt feature, App will attempt for a call or SMS based on your settings.

If SMS mode enabled,

  • Customer will receive an SMS contained a link to order summary page with Confirm Order, Cancel Order and few other buttons based on app settings.
  • If customer is not taking any action for order verification, tags will remain pending for such orders.
  • Same as IVR call feature, if you've enabled Reattempt feature, App will reattempt and Call or send the sms for order verification.

If OTP mode enabled,

  • App will display the widget / box on thank you page where customer will be able to enter the OTP received on his/her mobile number entered during checkout.
  • If customer is entering correct OTP, Order will be confirmed. If not, order will remain pending for verification.
  • Again as IVR and SMS mode, pending orders for verification can be reattempted with IVR call and SMS if you enabled in app settings.

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$0.03 USD per received call, $0.0064 USD per SMS sent, $0.02 USD per OTP sent

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Got good support from the team. I suggest adding more features catering to Indian customers to make this app superhit


Using this app. great product. great support. just what i needed for those unsecured COD orders. Saves a lot of time and effort calling customers manually

Goa Mafia