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2. elokuu 2023

This app has been a life saver! I've been so worried about reaching out to my Arabic audience since my page was in English only and dreaded the thought of having to create an entire website. The Basic translations are great and its good to know that you can also choose to edit the translations yourself. The customer service team is phenomenal and quick to respond. thank you so much

Snapy Store
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11. toukokuu 2023

I highly recommend T Lab - AI Language Translate app for anyone looking to localize their shop. This app includes all the features you need to translate your shop into multiple languages quickly and easily. The user interface is intuitive and straightforward, making it a breeze to use even for beginners.

Chat support is exceptional! The support team is responsive and knowledgeable, always ready to help you with any questions or issues you might have. I give T Lab - AI Language Translate app a five-star rating for its great features, user-friendly design, and excellent support.

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15. kesäkuu 2023

Sweet app that’s compatible with PageFly. I noticed an issue with my drop down menus showing duplicates and being crazy not allowing some options to be added to cart today… I reached out to customer service through chat and they instantly replied and helped me solve the issue in less than 5 minutes! Really detailed service! Would definitely recommend, as this app has enabled me to reach other markets so easily

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Muokattu 30. tammikuu 2023

Great customer service! My message was checked very fast, and I got instant help for my problem. App has worked well also. Second time when i contacted with problem i tought was big i got instant help! e eaven tested some changes for me! higly recommend

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27. heinäkuu 2023

Great app - We recommend this app for every store owner who want to have multilangual website, also people in support center of the app always try to help with the best solutions for every problem. Thank you guys

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22. toukokuu 2023

I recently discovered an amazing app that I think you might find useful. It's called T Lab - AI Language Translate is perfect for anyone who needs to translate their shop into multiple languages. This app is packed with features and it's incredibly easy to use, even if you're new to translation tools. I highly recommend giving it a try!

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23. joulukuu 2022

I have been using the translation app for my Shopify store and I have to say that it has been a great tool. It is easy to use and has allowed me to expand my store into new languages smoothly. The customer service has also been top-notch. Whenever I had a question, the support team was quick to respond and helped me resolve any issues I had. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to expand their store into new languages.

Accessori Lapide
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12. lokakuu 2022

For all those who are having second thoughts, please be informed that the most important thing you would want in any app is Customer Service. If you require assistance, T lab ninjas are always there, they are good, and very polite and gentle. They will solve all your issues, and one you understand the interface, you would not go to any other translation app I am very happy with T lab and hopefully you would too

Catchup Stores
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20. lokakuu 2022

Highly recommendable because it's easy to use and the translation quality is beyond expectation. We're translating our website from English to German. I can't say it's 100% perfect because there were some wrong translations, which also happen in other AI-based services. The customer service is also amazing. Dimitar was very friendly and he solved the problem quickly. It was a great help. Thanks!

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21. huhtikuu 2023

The customer service and assistance was PERFECT with this company. If you're looking to translate your website, this is the best option - I know because I've tried a couple others that were too difficult to implement. You will be very pleased - give it a try!

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